first_imgBabula Gouda, a Class IX student from the remote Khajuribania village in Odisha’s Ganjam district, has improvised the traditional ‘Talari’ hat used by farmers with some modern technology. He has named his innovation ‘smart-Talari’. ‘Talari’ is a large hat made of bamboo or cane that protects agricultural labourers from the sun and rain when they work in the fields. His ‘smart-Talari’ generates solar power to run gadgets added to it. Using less than ₹500, with support and guidance of his science teacher Raghunath Behera, he has transformed the traditional ‘Talari’ to ‘smart-Talari’. Only locally available materials and gadgets were used for his innovation. Babula studies in Merikote High School of Surada block. He hails from a family of farmers. During free time he helps his parents in agricultural work. According to him, the idea to use ‘Talari’ for several other purposes came to him while in the fields. He used to play songs on a small mobile phone while keeping a watch on the grazing cattle. The battery of the mobile used to discharge fast and he had no charging facility nearby. So, he added a small solar power panel from a rechargeable torch on top of the ‘Talari’. The power generated could recharge his mobile phone.When he told about it to his teacher, Mr. Behera, the teacher-student duo decided to develop the ‘smart-Talari’. Now the solar powered ‘smart-Talari’ has two small fans to cool working farmers and a light to help at night. It also has a FM radio and audio player kit for entertainment and weather forecast.last_img