first_imgGinter told 12 News the zoo was awarded funding to help ramp up their digital content. The zoo plans on using that money to work with local school districts and make their Zoomobile a virtual experience for students. Included in the phase was higher education, media production, low-risk outdoor arts and entertainment, and low-risk indoor arts and entertainment While Grasso agrees the Roberson will maintain a digital presence, he said it’s tough to be the real thing. Over at the Ross Park Zoo, executive director Phillip Ginter said the pandemic has created challenges for the zoo, but it’s also served as an inspiration for new ideas. “We love having people here. This is what the museum exists for,” Roberson executive director Michael Grasso said. “It’s here to serve the public, and we are looking forward to filling the galleries again in the safest possible.” “This has really caused us to kind of re-imagine some of our work,” Ginter said. “One of the things we’re really interested in and focusing on is how we can be more accessible.” Interactive activities have been removed to limit touch points, certain galleries will have a capacity maximum, the gift shop has been spread out to create more room, and the planetarium will be closed until theaters can re-open. Roberson will open its doors on July 1, and the zoo will open to members on Monday and the general public on Thursday. However, the Roberson Museum and Science Center, as well as the Ross Park Zoo, have both decided to open up early next week. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Phase four businesses got the green light today to open up as part Governor Andrew Cuomo’s New York Forward plan. “Museums are meant to be an experience, so the experience of coming in, seeing something in person is unmatched,” he says. “You can’t get that online.”last_img