Month: May 2017

nnovative investment model SMS investment can really jump out of the spam trap

investment form of ten million, many of which are innovative investment model, SMS is the latest kind of investment, this low-cost investment model can really harvest good results? Or just jumped into the spam trap?

"80 yuan to send 4000 yuan / =0.02; 100 yuan to send 6000 yuan / =0.016; 100 yuan to send 6000 yuan / =0.016; 150 yuan to send 10000 yuan / =0.015; 150 yuan to send 10000 yuan / =0.015; 200 yuan to send 15000 yuan / 200 =0.013; 15000 yuan =0.013 yuan / bar……" See this ad, you are not tempted. Relatively easy to one hundred thousand newspapers and magazines and other media channels, by sending text messages to super cheap price will be able to send information to the target group on the phone. read more

How to do poineering work no money how to teach you

for many people, the biggest threshold is the cost of entrepreneurship, which is the so-called money problem. As the saying goes, money all over the world, no money can’t do anything, no money how to do business? The whole network of small Mozhe, but can teach you a few tricks might succeed.


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Zhejiang Shaoxing to promote the creation of entrepreneurial base

is now all over the country are actively promoting entrepreneurship, around the same time to build up a series of entrepreneurial base, is to give the majority of entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for social entrepreneurship, now in Zhejiang in Shaoxing actively promote the construction of entrepreneurial base.


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How to start a new business

present more and more investors to achieve a wealth of life through self employment, but even so, entrepreneurship has never been a simple matter, for the novice entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs want to shop, for the operation of the road. Only mastered the business skills, business can be a better success.

first, entrepreneurs must learn to.

people shop after the problem is nothing more than how open source and throttling, in order to create greater profits. Generally speaking, open source is trying to attract customers, but in the "rangwai at the same time, but also to its staff training, so as to avoid the rapid flow of talent and business; of course is throttling with a small amount of resources to create the maximum profit. Therefore, we remind the loyal customer is the source of profit, the owner should understand the types of customers, grasp the new and old customers, and at the same time how to fight for customers, to meet customers. In the mentality, the shop owner should be active, sincere, caring for customers, and establish friendship with them, the store can have charm. Want to make money, you must let the store sell goods and services to taste and charming collocation of promotional activities to be successful, the following shop law, let you win. read more

How to open the wine shop location

drinks in daily life, the demand is very large, not only to meet the various needs of consumers, but also to provide a new choice for entrepreneurs to get rich. Some people would like to open a wine shop, we must first choose a good shop, how to open the liquor store location? Let us take a look at the relevant site selection skills.

generally speaking, the so-called good lots have one thing in common, that is, many places. Business center, downtown, frequent business activities, better business atmosphere. This site is called "land". As a beverage shop investors can choose such a place, but must be based on their ability to invest. read more

Take these 11 steps to make this small business easier to make money

small venture although the risk to be small, but it is not to say that small businesses will be able to succeed, must be able to make money. To make this small business to make money easier, we must take these 11 steps.

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High speed retrograde 150 kilometers of drug without a license to drive the police also said to comm

Hubei, a man on Valentine’s day when the high-speed 150 kilometers in the evening, and called the police said he did not want to live, to commit suicide on the highway. Then the police quickly intervened to intercept the man, who was arrested on suspicion of drug use, driving without a license.

man taking drugs after police said to Dutch act, and driving on the highway to turn around, turn several times, and even reverse driving nearly 150 kilometers. Fortunately, high speed management departments closed in a timely manner, without causing traffic accidents. read more

Anhui heavy rainfall led to 32 deaths and 2 missing

in the face of natural disasters, human life is extremely fragile. This time, under heavy rainfall, a lot of places where the flood situation, not only directly lead to economic damage in these areas, but also lead to casualties. Reporter yesterday from the Anhui provincial Civil Affairs Department was informed that, as of 21, the death tolls of up to 32 people, another 2 people are still missing.

according to reports, heavy rainfall since June 18th, Hefei, Huainan, has caused Chuzhou, Lu’an, Ma’anshan, Wuhu, Xuancheng, Tongling, Chizhou, Anqing, Huangshan City 11 city 69 counties (cities, districts) affected to varying degrees. read more

How much does it cost to join Zhao Xiaoguo

talk about you often eat spicy hot, small series to tell you a thing most people don’t know, that is not only delicious, but also his unique brand story origin, want to know? Look at how to introduce you xiaobian.

originated from the Yangtze river. The first is the boatman and trackers created Malatang this simple and unique way of eating. From Sichuan Yibin to Wushan Three Gorges, fast flowing, burlak has become an indispensable landscape, they in the water over the stones on the river from the base, a jar, pick up some branches for firewood fire, scoop a few gourd River, all materials, there is no food dish dish, pull up some wild herbs, then add hot pepper, pepper and other spices, rinse and eat, can eat, can be cold, dampness. This method of eating because of its easy to quickly spread across the river. Later, the dock vendors see the business opportunities, will be placed in the dish and the stove transformation, carrying two walking crying, the river bridge, the people around to sell labor burden has become a frequent visitor. Today, hot and spicy gradually come to the shore from the river. Zhao Xiaoguo through their own efforts, and now is a very well-known brand, then how much money to join this brand? read more

How to do hot pot restaurant procurement and pricing

as the saying goes, to open a shop to keep open, want to run a successful store is definitely not what the simple things, the need to proceed from many aspects, to open a Hot pot shop, two things must be arranged, a Hot pot shop is purchasing two Hot pot shop price. Hot pot restaurant procurement is a very important part of the food is good, fresh is not fresh, a direct impact on the consumer’s mood. Therefore, in the procurement, we must carefully select, do not spend a lot of money to buy a poor quality dishes. In addition, we have to do a good job pricing, where to set up shop, it is necessary to have what kind of pricing plan, which is complementary to the city’s economic development. Here are the details: read more

China’s most profitable industry in the next five years

2014 marriage frenzy, followed by 2015 is bound to be a parenting frenzy. "China’s children’s Clothing Industry Development Research Report" China’s urban residents of children’s clothing consumption in recent years has been on the rise, the annual growth rate of more than 10%. At present, China’s 0 year old -16 years old children population of more than 300 million, more than a year of children’s demand of more than 2 billion, of which 0-10 years old children accounted for about 80%. read more

Successful entrepreneurs must take three progressive stages

as an investment intention of entrepreneurs, are you really ready for it? For each white entrepreneurs, the successful premise has a difficult process beyond the ordinary people. We must take three steps to consolidate and develop their own entrepreneurial path. The first phase of

1, to learn to find their own love of the job hopping period and based on

2, practicing period by working to accumulate their experience of read more

What are the skills of operating a florist

florist is a lot of friends want to engage in a shop project, the current flower shop is everywhere, as many as restaurants. Valentine’s day, mother’s day, birthday party, wedding and so on many occasions need flowers. Many female friends choose to join the shop to start a business, but the market and other enterprises are essentially flower industry money can be fast or slow, operating properly is the key.

To understand the varieties of flowers florist

, how to join the market, flowers, flower shop shop location, shop decoration, publicity, management, purchasing and other series, find some new fashion selling point will attract more customers. read more

Ten major brands of household appliances list

selected wire products quality, for our later life Home Furnishing will have great influence, because of this, we in the choice of household electrical products, will choose the more well-known brand. What are the wires? What brand is good? Which brand of wire is the best? Here, the small series will come to the inventory of those who are the best reputation, the most popular home appliances ten brands list.

wire ten household brands list NO.1, Far East (Far East wisdom energy limited wire and cable industry famous brand ten brand, China 500 companies, far east Holding Group subsidiary, the domestic sales volume of wire and cable industry, the number of employees up to maximum, the brand value and the highest market value of listed companies.) read more

How to join Kang Ji good porridge Road

How big is the breakfast market for

? The answer to this question is to ask yourself, which is the most important meal in the hearts of the people, from a health point of view, of course, breakfast is the most important source of energy a day by the breakfast supply. If you open a well-known brand breakfast is undoubtedly a good choice for your business to get rich.

Kang good porridge breakfast chain to join the chain to become the leading trend in the Chinese breakfast market, Kang Ji good porridge road to join the main business of good health porridge porridge fast food sales in the form of Chinese breakfast. Kang Ji good way to join in the community, schools, bus stations can be; Kang Ji good way is the first choice for small investment returns fast. Has established a good reputation of a good project, with a high degree of market acceptance, is a very small business of this project. So Kang Ji good porridge road how to join read more

f you have these 7 characteristics then you are not suitable for Entrepreneurship

under the tide of the times, there are more and more people choose to embark on such a path of entrepreneurship. However, after such a path, the real success of the people is very few, more people are in failure and end. In fact, whether they are suitable for entrepreneurship, a lot of time has been reflected through a number of features. So, if you have the following 7 characteristics, obviously you are not suitable for entrepreneurship.

1. you won’t learn to assign work

as an entrepreneur, is also very reasonable in the early period of the principal and the ringing of the bell, with this opportunity to the company operation through inside and outside, also has a very excellent help for the future training of new staff. But as the company grows stronger, you will also learn to transfer some of your work to your trusted subordinates and partners. read more

Little match in the end contains what kind of business opportunities

matches have been playing a very important role in the history of mankind. Although more and more things can take the place of matches, the matches have survived from time to time. Today, the opportunity has also been the development of matches, making it a life!

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Summer five the size of the project venture can not lose

summer, there are five business opportunities in the industry, with the rise of temperature and hot. This is what the five can not lose this small project? Seize the time, along with Xiaobian together to understand it!

A,   ice cream; cool this summer

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Former tobacco King 85 year old cross border entrepreneurial success

people want to put down the old business, enjoy a comfortable life, and for the tobacco industry has been active in the Master entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the world without end, their business is to dig out.

"a true hero is always in trouble, can not imagine in the unbelievable point rise! Zhu Shijian because these oranges, make yourself not only become a down business legend, and became an inspirational hero an immortal!"

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Everyone car Lee built the nternet can bring benefits for everyone

The development of

in recent years the Internet can be said to be rapid, in the life of every hour and moment have Internet presence, the Internet is creating a lot of employment channels for us today to tell you is a successful example, that is all car Li Jian, relying on the Internet to do his business more and more.

Internet development in China for 20 years, especially in the last two years, driven by the tide of the Internet, the emergence of a large number of Internet entrepreneurs. However, behind the seemingly lively, but filled with a variety of concepts and gimmicks, when the advent of the capital of winter, and then, such as the general bubble in a brief glare, have died. read more