The skills required to write CSS in Dreamweaver

CSS written in DreamWeaver, write this habit is not recommended, but because of the "visual" and easy operation, a lot of friends still use today, list some "best practices", we hope to help these friends.

CSS is changing the process of web design. To cater to the growing demand for CSS designers, Macromedia DW MX introduces several new and improved CSS related features. With these new features, you can plan for future updates and develop sites that are more compatible with W3C standards. This article discusses some suggestions for using CSS in DW MX as well as highlighting a specific CSS feature. read more

Knowledge structure of local webmaster

someone asked me, "what are the books that a qualified local webmaster needs to read? What classes do you have?


at first glance, the question seems to have no answers at all, nor does it need to be solved – an emerging industry, where books come from, where textbooks come from, and systematic training is still scarce resources.

but seriously, I find this problem a solution to the problem. Later, it turned out that I was right, because the education background of the person who posed the question was Bachelor of computer science, master of human resources, and work background was also human resources. read more

Hu Yufeng the tragedy of a personal stationmaster without technology

watched the "northeast"? Personal webmaster fate with the inside of the gold is too similar, a few individual owners in the network Amoy to gold, but most are not able to Amoy to gold, also have their own Amoy inside, deep inside, inextricably bogged down in.

This is my

network gold in the team, not only with professional technology, a network of deep on the network, but also into the webmaster team cheating, technology, people as long as a.twenty things to me, but the local modify, upload, modify and upload, not repeated dozens the last time, to spend half a day. This kind of story repeated again and again, three years, so in an inattentive room, hastily passed. read more

But people do not know their content but cannot do without the basis of authenticity

for many Internet marketers, "network marketing, content is king" has long been commonplace knowledge, is simply not worth mentioning.

, do we really understand "Internet marketing, content is king",


but the more basic concepts we are often more easily ignored, such as the "content is king" concept, we have more time to just stay in for more information covering the whole industry; with more demand for the user’s unique "selling" level, "said that the more the more effective, the more you say sell more emphasis on" painting paper writing ability, emphasize to attract users of "creative", for even at the "pseudo original copy collection", "just forget the authenticity of the more basic nature of the content is the king" — network promotion content. read more

Knight on the recent experience of the establishment of the knight

recently for a long time, the knight did not write their own articles, experience, and today’s Knight pumping some time to communicate with you about their own experience in the past few days,


Knight think, a website to develop, must have weight, weight is the most important index of the website. If a website has traffic, and no weight, revision is easy to be search engine K out, traffic is big, dangerous, if a website has weight, even if revised, Baidu will not K your site.

weight station and no weight station too, weight station will soon be just a station development, revision, immediately can get good rankings, because the search of trust. For example: the knight recently Xiaonei code station revision smile 8 TV series (, your search box input "laugh 8" two words in Baidu, there will be a list of "smile 8 TV", the revision of second days, Baidu will be your site row up, search: School Intranet code and laugh 8 drama this website in the first row, because the weight of the power of read more

How does media use the U S mainframe to build brand identity

In recent years, the domestic

WeChat, micro-blog, Facebook international, Twitter and other popular social software, contributed to a large number of whimsy Internet business action. Micro-blog V, WeChat public form a customer stickiness a hundred responses to a single call, very high commercial chain.

from the media is the product of the commercialization of these social software. These accounts are often of high heat, ring powder capability is extremely strong, the commercial value is difficult to estimate. The marketing account is not isolated, few accounts between each other often recommend sharing resources and their fans fans into other social platforms or develop their own official website, forum and other own brand. read more

Comment on overseas Chinese News Portal

current overseas Chinese comprehensive portal website can be divided into two categories: one is the trans regional and global Chinese Chinese portal, and the other is two regional (local or local) Chinese portal.

, a regional global Chinese Chinese portal (definition: from one country / traffic area not more than 70%, and at least more than two countries / regions visited more than 10%, at least 4 countries / regions visited more than 3%

)On behalf of such website

are: Lingering Garden network (, (, the city of literature readers network (, a pro american Chinese network (, multidimensional News Network (, overseas network ( etc.. The basic sections of these sites consist of: read more

Yue Lingxiao should learn the mentality of online marketing

a lot of thought into the workplace after you can easily, without examination, no teacher homework. But you are wrong, for a self-motivated professional personnel in terms of workplace efforts than learning in college or university. There are 28 rules in any field. Of course the same rules suitable for people.

1. Correct learning attitude

this one is very important, the mentality of the decision you need time, attitude determines your altitude reached. Learning network marketing and other learning are the same, although you do not need the first cantilever cone biting, but how much effort you will reach the high position, this is not a theorem don’t change. And those ordinary people than they are satisfied with their lives, and I’m not mocking them, but envy them. They have a normal state of mind so they don’t need to pay for their future efforts, are you? If you like them, it is not necessary look again. I want to see this article who is not that person, but a person with high ambitions. Believe yourself can do. The eyes will stare at your goals and the 20% people remember what they are,, Your real opponent?. read more

Original blog is a powerful tool to promote web site

vegetables bird master from July 2009 began preparations for the Suzhou talent network, when I was an absolute rookie, such as false replacement. But because the talent network is so important to us, so I decided to chew this hoe, jump into the red sea fight has been. In order to Suzhou talent network rookie webmaster is green on the site and, leave no stone unturned, just on the line of the day how many sleepless nights to have to remember up to now, the first thing to wake up every day is to use Baidu Search Google ", Suzhou talent network, " See rankings, then open the snapshot; 51. Look at the traffic and included, has become a habit. read more

Talk about the importance and principles of naming a blog

a few days ago, I set up a personal blog, because some people think of the previous blog advertising to earn RMB, so he would like to try. Online free of the blog program, bought a space domain name, blog built up like this. But the headache is coming right now. How can the name of the blog attract people? It’s a headache.

takes a long time to think about "love nest", because the name of Baidu search, not much, this ranking certainly in front, and easy to establish the brand, then it is easy to, I think, to do this than what the blue sky, Messenger of day, Fengzhilian etc. easier to identify. And it’s close to my domain name, which makes it easy to remember. It’s like Sina and sina. Here’s a detailed summary of my blog naming principles. I hope I can help you. read more

The lesson of blood easily do not edit webpage title

do SEO time is not too long, met a lot of setbacks, but also the joy of success, say that we are not afraid of jokes, experts also please pointing pointing.

SEO is a hard work, but not a set, I might have encountered some stationmaster, the station will not write [url] is a corporate website, the main keywords of Suzhou private detective since I was careful to maintain, write text, links, so the station main keywords ranking very well, the word Suzhou private detective before Baidu Google optimization in the first row, but a few days, the word had just defeated the army, is falling, not to live, but also when when Baidu Google snapshot collected and very normal. read more

Talk about WordPress building 24 days experience

has been pulling for 24 days since August 24th. From the first day of the station, because the wordpress blog, the installation process has been sent to the Google domain name registration request, every two days to search the domain name shang-ba can be found to have a few pages, your site is very excited, perhaps this is the fun; then add some content, some write their own, some are picking over. Then register to Baidu, and several other search sites are registered pull, but do not know whether these are not commonly used search. Not a few days, Baidu domain name can also search for content to pull, but also some excitement. But the excitement didn’t last long. How to make your own website to improve click rate, promote their own websites, have been thinking, has previously studied many SEO, learn a lot, so want to through this website to do some research and Practice (after the process and results of practice I listed). read more

Ways to improve site ranking by text links

I am currently doing

and PW release station, PW website is in the search engine ranking website, according to the rankings through purchasing text links to do very specific effects, for new sites through the link resources can indeed enhance a large part to improve the overall ranking of website, but the link to fish, cheat in power, don’t want to say in detail how to cheat, the main release for high quality links! If required below website I think it should be worth buying

! read more

Share your experience with some of your new forums

domain name is just registered, want to do community forum, using Dz7.2.

below is my idea of building a website.

Jiaxing community [] website construction ideas:

to build the Jiaxing region’s most complete, the largest and best community portal. Good domain name, good site,

domain name is good, only good traffic, good start. COM domain name has been registered, JX is the meaning of Jiaxing, 573 is Jiaxing’s area code 0573, a zero. Two combinations represent the meaning of Jiaxing, so it is very suitable to be a portal. read more

The competitive advantage of website differentiation

said, "what’s the key to a website’s success?" the individual thinks differentiation is the most important.

, in fact, the so-called difference is the core competitiveness of your website, and only the establishment of a solid competitiveness, you can win the market, win the user!


some people thought the difference will think of innovation in China, innovation should be weak, most of the sites are Copy!, the domestic creative company number, is the first Chinese largest search engine Baidu, no business model Tencent QQ, but now made a great platform for electronic commerce the boss of Alibaba, history has shown that they have a huge market and mature business model, and is sustainable won, why will mention these three companies, personally think that the key to success is they do nature is different from the opponent from head to foot thing is the difference, to firmly occupy the the domestic market of read more

Struggling in Baidu tortured webmaster bitter course

Small drift

me space station ( since birth, I won’t let it have a comfortable day day, and I always work together and be included in Baidu K battle front, more than 10 large and small battles, has sufficient to show people, long – standing is so tempered


sum up, remember the past year. Originally started to register the domain name, to do kart forum, is used in the DZ forum, the first time do not stand, because not so, a cavity blood, the hype, the mining, the people Tiancheng official forum to adopt clean. Our forum, enough data, and then hold the pillow dream to go, after two or three months of time, the dream finally woke up, but see is devastated, Baidu included dozens of pages, then the 10 Fen K barren, then included the front page, still no traffic. (collected, no original articles, Baidu taboo. read more

Student stationmaster body and mind is exhausted

, like many classmates, I’m also a station owner,.


the purpose of the site is very simple, to make money, because my parents have no money, I have no money, but I only is one of the 3 first-class university, after graduation, not what capital and others, to find a regular job, so I want to find a way out, since the formal sector but others do, do most people’s eyes are false, raffish network.

in the 07 years after the entrance of the summer vacation, I established the first site, their half year, I earned a total of about 8000RMB, the maximum time is 25 dollars a day, whether you think is much less, for me a weekend home update website amateur webmaster, I think. For 1 years, 16000 words, can own the burden of tuition fees and living expenses, but the start of the 08 year, good times don’t last long, the website weight decreased until a revenue drop to $2~3 1 days. read more

The real reason and Countermeasure of homepage snapshot without Baidu

web pages included, but from the home page Baidu snapshot disappeared, believes that many webmaster have encountered this problem, my own website also there have been many times this situation, varying lengths of time, a few hours short, long or even a few months. At the moment, I still have two websites experiencing a snapshot without a home page. In this case, I believe we are very anxious to find a solution, I also find a lot of this article is to read many articles, but the blind guide, or about some of the reason such as what a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the original is not enough, the site experience is not good, the poor quality of chain and so on, to solve these fundamental speech help the problem. I’m not saying that these reasons do not affect the site, not that, but that these reasons are not the direct cause of the snapshot without a home page. If Baidu because of the above reasons found in the garbage station, then is probably the largest number included site was dropped, dial hair even K station, if the site have included the inside pages, and no home page snapshot, then focus on the issue should be focused on the page itself, this is the key to solve the problem. read more

The community e commerce website will be a hot spot for personal websites in the second half of this


community of electronic commerce, in short, is to use the advantage of network to the community, "no boundaries of a lot of people on the Internet, people around me are ignored!" the community e-commerce business is many webmaster blind spot, because the most familiar place is often the most strange place.

why community commerce has the potential to be tapped? China with the city population is more and more concentrated, the premise of high-rise buildings increased, the number of community residents has been in a rising trend, from small to large, has a certain group of users, will be able to do a website, which is the basis of the masses of community website, if a web site does not flow, the site management is very difficult. read more

How is the movie online three Baidu and Google included

my HD HD movie network is in September 15, 2009 through the record line, the website opened before and after, I did a lot of work, in the opening third days after Baidu and Google included normal. As of today, Baidu’s home page of the HD HD movie network, Google’s HD HD movie network, rose from 70 yesterday to more than 240 Pages before publishing this article. Here’s my experience:

1, Baidu included. The first half of the website opened, I bought space, because in the record, the top-level domain name has not been bound, I will use space providers to give the three domain name to update the site. I HD HD movie screen with Marx movie program is the latest version, the first is a large collection of high quality resources more than 8000, then the data was collected and volume replacement, such as content page will take "movie" to read "HD HD movies", etc., will all the content page keywords and site related batch replacement, and then generating station. The first day of the more than 8000 data collection after I stopped collecting, updating from 8000 to 11000 now I all by hand, updated daily 20 – 40 movies and TV series, starring, content is I found on the Internet after modification, for example in the content page will replace the first section and the third section your order will be part of a sentence to delete some, but do not completely copied on the line. In this way, I insist on updating every day, never interrupted. In September 15th after the opening of the top-level domain name, I don’t have to submit to Baidu, but published a story on my website in the Admin5 Adsense nets and Chinaz webmaster network spider, the two day post released at noon by Baidu and Google included my website for second days, the first page was also included. From 18 to today, Baidu has not been included in the move, the snapshot has not been updated, I think it should be in the new station of an assessment period. Now, regardless of Baidu, or as usual, always update the site. Hope that after a period of time included and ranking improved read more

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