Atlético gets fed up with VAR

first_imgCerezo said at the end of the derby his disapproval when applying the VAR and after Atlético-Granada the indignation has been increasing. Nobody wants to raise their voice again very prominently, but the discomfort is evident. Atlético is very sensitive and understands that not all clubs are treated equally on the subject of arbitration and the VAR. Atlético won Granada 1-0 and took three points that are very important for the rojiblanco team in the fight for the Champions League positions. Simeone’s team won but no one was happy with the Soto Grado arbitration. Atlético did not finish satisfied with the arbitration work in the past derbAnd neither in the clash against the Granada team. The play that irritated the rojblancos most was the one starred by Soldier and Correa in the first half. Soldier stuck his elbow in Correa’s face and the referee saw nothing in that action. But the rojiblanco discomfort has to do with the fact that the action was not reviewed by the VAR, where Medié Jiménez was. Nobody notified the referee of the lack of the Granada striker, which would have been a penalty and the second yellow card for the Granada player. last_img read more

Atalanta conditions everything

first_imgThe idea is power recover Coquelin, Gayà, Rodrigo and obviously Florenzi for the Champions League match against Atalanta, in San Siro, which would leave a fairly neat call for the most important match in European competition in many years. In fact, the only one of the three that could force to bequeath to the stake against the mattresses would be Gayà, with a strong blow. But, today, Celades prefers not to take risks and that the international side is in perfect condition for next Wednesday’s duel.So things, casualties against Atlético could skyrocket until ochor since Florenzi was sanctioned yesterday with a match; Garay and Piccini are long-term injured; Vallejo is not yet; and Cillessen continues with his hip problems and yesterday the session did not end. For this reason, the Catalan coach could consider aligning him with Atlético so that he does not get completely out of shape before a bergamesca forward that is one of the most scoring in all of Europe. Atalanta conditions everything. We’ll see if enough to give Mangala minutes against Atlético, a direct rival for the fourth place in LaLiga.Further, with the loss of Rodrigo, in the front also opens an unknown for tomorrow. Gameiro returns from an injury so it is perhaps too rushed to start with MaxI will play safe. The other options are Guedes, who has already played a few minutes, Kang-in Lee or even Nephew.This is the part of the injuredCoquelinHe has problems in the quadriceps area. He hasn’t trained this week and just thinks about being ready for San Siro.RodrigoHe has been playing with discomfort in both knees for weeks. He has decided to stop for a few days and also points to Atalanta.GayàHe has foot pain for a stencil since the Getafe game. I could force but the logical thing is to wait until next Wednesday.VallejoAfter two months in the dry dock due to a bone lesion in the foot, it already touches the ball. You must return shortly.GarayThe recovery of his crusader injury is already beginning. He has more than six months ahead of hard work on a stretcher and gym.CillessenFollow with pain. You have an inflammation in your left hip. The session didn’t end yesterday either.PicciniContinue in the final stretch of his re-adaptation to the group. Work tirelessly to return after many months. As the week goes by and Valencia’s workouts, Albert Celades it is clearing the X in the face of the match that will face Atlético tomorrow. Nevertheless, it will be difficult to find the balance between aligning a competitive eleven against those of Simeone and recover the headdresses for the game of the year, which will be played next Wednesday in San Siro.Actually, Atalanta conditions everything. Y The most normal thing is that those players who have any discomfort rest before Atlético and recover in order to travel to Milan next Tuesday to play the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. This is the case of Coquelin, Rodrigo and Gayà. For various physical problems, none of the three have trained with the group in this week so they are already given as almost certain casualties. For the tie against Atalanta, the biggest problem for Celades will be the central part of the defense. With Garay injured and Gabriel Paulista sanctioned, both for the first leg and for the return, to Celades he only has the option of aligning Diakhaby with Mangala, a totally off-center. In fact, he has only played three games this season plus one minute in the match against Ajax in Amsterdam. The last one was in Copa del Rey, on January 22, against Logroñés.last_img read more

Lightning is the king of a draw

first_imgThis last tie of the Lightning in the Heliodoro (0-0) feed the streak of the redheads that chain five (Ponferradina, Extremadura, Mirandés, Oviedo and Tenerife). It is not the first time this course they are immersed in such a loop, since they have already concatenated another five days (from the sixth onwards: Málaga, Almería, Fuenlabrada, Alcorcón and Elche) with tables on the scoreboard. Something that, without a doubt, is ballasting them in the face of their aspirations for promotion. For the vallecanos, the most repeated result this 2019-20 is being 1-1 (up to ten times).Paco Jémez has never been friends with ties. A few days ago he repeated at an press conference an idea that he had demanded from his players: “This team lacks madness because with our quality it would make us impossible to stop. This year we are marking less than any year. And if to do this we must fit, from time to time, I bet because that’s the case. So much tie says a lot about that. ” An unprecedented situation for the coach, whose Lightning had never achieved so many boards in previous times: five (12-13), four (13-14), four (14-15), eleven (15-16) and three (18- 19). Rayo Vallecano has signed up for a draw. This season has been nothing more and nothing less than fifteen, the same as Racing Santander, something that crowns them like kings. No one collects more tables than them in LaLiga. Valladolid has eleven in First. Nevertheless, those records also have no comparison in Europe. No major continental league team reaches those fifteen draws. Arsenal is the one who has harvested the most in the Premier (13), Metz in Ligue 1 (10), Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga (9) and Verona and Cagliari in Serie A (8).last_img read more

Valladolid and Eibar reject the LaLiga coronavirus tests

first_imgEspinar also explained how Valladolid is acting in this crisis: “From the beginning we were clear that we had to do everything on our part to preserve the health of our workers and of all the people who indirectly form part of the Club.” Clarified that the blanquivioleta players have received nutritional, physical and psychological guidelines to face quarantine.Regarding the competition, the spokesman assured that “Real Valladolid is in favor of honoring the competition and that it can be finished, although now is early to predict if that will be possible. We want to be optimistic and think that the championship is going to be over and that Real Valladolid will continue in the First Division. “Eibar will not use those tests sent by LaLiga either. The Gipuzkoan entity has donated the material to make tests to detect COVID-19 to Osakidetza (Basque Health Service). In the Catalan club there is no one with symptoms of the disease (fever, sore throat, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, dry cough), which is why in a gesture of solidarity he has transferred that material sent by the Professional Football League to to be used by people with coronavirus symptoms or risk groups (elderly or people with respiratory, heart, or defenseless problems). The members of the Real Valladolid squad will not perform the test that LaLiga has made available to all clubs to detect COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus. The club itself made it public in a statement.It was David Espinar, the institutional spokesman of the Valladolid group, who transferred the club’s position on the tests: “It is true that LaLiga made them available to us, but we have not carried them out for medical and social criteria. No player presents symptoms and we believe that there are groups that are much less benefited and with more needs. It is they who should have priority.” Eibar understands that there are people who need higher priority to pass tests to detect COVID-19 than Barça footballers. The LFP (Professional Soccer League) sent tests of the coronavirus to the First Division and Second clubs to detect positives in the soccer players and technicians. The sooner sick people are detected by COVID-19, the better chance there is of avoiding further infections. Isolation of the sick in a soccer team would prevent the disease from spreading to the rest of the staff, and to the workers of the soccer entities. What LaLiga wants is that the sanitary problem affects as little as possible the teams of the highest category, to resume the competition as soon as possible – possibly behind closed doors – when the alert state is over.The Eibar staff have suspended group training for the duration of the health alert to avoid spreading the disease. Soccer players have been exercising individually since Tuesday at home, with personalized work, and will continue to do so during the crisis. Most of the workers of the Gipuzkoan entity have been working from home since last week. In addition, he lowered the blind of his official store, and of the partner and shareholder service office, located in Ipurua.Eibar have made the same decision – to pass the health tests – as Valladolid and Osasuna, two other clubs that have not yet been affected by the coronavirus. A different case to Alavés, Espanyol, Valencia and Real Madrid (basketball section), where there have been positives for COVID-19. Although the Catalan club has not been directly affected by the epidemic, but indirectly. The Eibar-Real Sociedad (1-2) match that took place on Tuesday, March 10 in Ipurua, has gone down in history as the first football match played behind closed doors in Spain by the coronavirus.The duel of rivalry between Gipuzkoans, held without fans and with empty stands, was very strange. Silence took over Ipurua, which Real Sociedad took advantage of, without pressure from the public in the stands, to obtain their first victory at the Eibarrés stadium in the First Division.Curiously, Eibar-Real Sociedad, on matchday 24, must have been played on February 16, when it was suspended due to air pollution due to the fire in a landfill in the Biscayan town of Zaldibar. The fire was caused by a landslide at the landfill that buried two workers, whose bodies have not yet been found.Yesterday Tuesday, Luis Rubiales, president of the Federation, charged against Javier Tebas due to these tests: “It seems to me irresponsible that having patients and life at stake do this. It seems out of the question to me that coronavirus tests are being used when there are people who need it. It seems to me that it is not knowing the reality. If they have all confined us. It doesn’t matter if you are infected or not. Does not matter. The result is the same. And if you have severe symptoms, that person needs a test. Not a footballer. He will be isolated. The administration has said it, everyone who has a test, masks, gloves, put it at the service of others. And there is someone who is sending tests out there and it is illegal. Must be punished. We all stand out and it’s an unpatriotic stocking. “last_img read more

Valencia and Espanyol, on edge for the resolution of the League

first_imgThe momentary suspension of the First Iberdrola as a consequence of the health crisis by the coronavirus torments Espanyol and Valencia. The two teams currently occupy the drop zone and are threatened by the option that the season is over. The risk is present for parrots and ches, although it is true that, unless this crisis lasts longer than expected, everything points to what they will get to dispute the nine days remaining, which includes the one that was not played by the strike of the players, whose resolution is unknown. He calendar at Women’s Football Presents itself less saturated that in the men’s and only the semifinals would remain to be resolved, with a one-game tie and the final of the Queen’s Cup and the crossings of rooms, with a Spanish Clásico, and the semifinals of the Champions League, with the possibility that Atleti and Barça reach the European final. With this scenario, Espanyol and Valencia they hope that the Competition resumes and they do their accounts for salvation. For the parakeet, with the worst scenario for permanence, mathematics still leaves room for illusion.The Catalan team, what he has not won a game this season, it will not depend on itself and will have to cut the thirteen points that separate you in salvation. There will be a total of 27, if the day of the strike, and 24 if finally only the eight days remaining until the end of the League are played. In the case of Valencia it becomes more important to continue competing. At one point of Sporting de Huelva, first team out of danger, the Valencians have a save very close that they escaped after more than a dozen matches without winning.last_img read more

Beckham: “Messi is unique and Cristiano does not reach his level”

first_imgDavid Beckham, former Real Madrid player, assured in Telam that Cristiano Ronaldo “does not reach the level” of Leo Messi. Beckham faced Messi when he played for PSG in the Champions of the 2012-2013 season. “Messi is unique as a player and there is no other like him. He, like Cristiano, who does not reach his level, are above the rest ”said Beckham, who recalled his duel in the Champions League with the Argentine: “We were ahead. He entered and scored Barcelona. Despite my age, I enjoyed playing and the team did well in both games. We did things to be proud of. We did not lose against them. “Barça and PSG faced each other in the quarterfinals of that Champions 12-13, with a tie for two in Paris and a tie for one in Barcelona. That allowed the Catalans to qualify, who in the semifinals ended up falling against Bayern.last_img read more

“Audience at Liverpool-Atleti? It was correct at the time”

first_imgThe laps around Liverpool-Atlético continue. The last from the same place: the Government of the United Kingdom. But if yesterday Angela McLean, Deputy Scientific Adviser to the Defense Ministry of the British Government, criticized again for the umpteenth time the displacement of 3,000 rojiblancos fans from Madrid to Anfield to live the match of the second round of the Champions League live (the capacity of the stadium is for 54,000 spectators), the latest statements are the opposite. They come out in defense of just that. That there was an audience in the stands of that match on March 11. “It was the right decision at the time based on the scientific advice that was provided“defended the Chancellor of the Treasury of the Government of Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, in the daily control session. “At each stage of this crisis, we have been guided by scientific advice and made the right decision at the right time,” he added. “It is important that this is what we do. There is often a bad time to implement certain measures, thinking about sustainability and everything else.. In all parts of this problem, we have been guided by science, guided to make the right decisions at the right time, and I defend that, ”he justified. Throw in favor of the partyAnd he also had a reply for McLean, whose statements (“It will be interesting to see the relationship between the spread of the virus and Liverpool-Atlético“) are in line with those that the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, described as” an error “in having allowed this massive displacement from Madrid.” The question that has been asked must be placed in the context of general policy in that moment, ”slipped Sunak. “When normal life was on, going to a soccer game was not a particularly large additional risk“He sentenced. Then, March 11 did not sound like it does now: recklessly.last_img read more

“I’d rather go to Espanyol, the club of my dreams, than Barcelona”

first_imgHe is the fashionable footballer. In the Netherlandswhere it was proclaimed best player of the months of January and February, before the Eredivisie was suspended, and beyond. The cancellation of that championship has led to Willem II, the team that leads from the core, will participate in the next edition of the Europa League. A sort of parrot inheritance, judging by his own words. Those of Pol Llonch. With colder but more tranquility than in Barcelona, Pol Llonch lives in Tilburg with his partner and their two children, longing for the paella, which could have tasted again in January, when he was associated with Girona, where he played precisely after leaving the Blue and Whites’ subsidiary. Not surprisingly, just over three years ago, In January 2017, he was playing Second B matches with Recreativo Granada. And now he will go to the Europa League. At least there will be a parakeet. The ‘pit bull’, As he is known for his ability to retrieve balls, at just 19 years old he faced the Barcelona first team, in the round of 32 of the Copa del Rey 2011-12, being the player of L’Hospitalet. “He was the best Barça in history, with Pep Guardiola, and in the first leg we only lost 0-1, it was to be proud“Confesses Pol Llonch, who keeps at home the shirt that Gerard Piqué gave him at the end of the match. Not surprisingly, and on the question of what has been your toughest opponent, has no doubts in answering that the Barcelona. “I faced Xavi. I wanted to press it, but he was always late, he always cheated on me. I often saw him on television, but turned out to be incredibly smart in the field“Abounds.Luuk de Jong harder than FrenkieThe surprise in this regard is about his rivals in the Eredivisie: “Frenkie de Jong (current Barça player) it was very good but I found it harder to play against Luuk de Jong (who now plays for Sevilla). It is strong, big, with good technique and faster than it seems ”, he argued.And Espanyol returns to the scene when he claims that Zinedine Zidane was her childhood idolBut French was not the only one in his reference list. “But As he was a great follower of Espanyol, he also admired Raúl Tamudo, the scorer and captain. When I was four years old, my uncle, a great parakeet fan, took me to the stadium. Then I fell in love with the club. And finally I played in the subsidiary”Says the midfielder, who played for Espanyol B in the 2014-15 season.Goal! ‘); Return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>The double-page story of the Dutch magazine ‘Goal!’ with Pol Llonch.Goal! In an extensive interview for the Dutch magazine ‘Goal!’, the midfielder makes a firm declaration of principles. Asked where he would like to play the day he leaves Willem II, he answers: “I would like to play someday in the Spanish, English or German League. But the club of my dreams is Espanyol. In fact, I’d rather go to Espanyol than Barcelona”Proclaims the footballer, whose phrase is the headline chosen to preside over this double-page report.last_img read more

Adrián: “Dani Ceballos would love to return to Betis”

first_imgAdrián San Miguel is evident and concise when he thinks of a hypothetical return of Dani Ceballos to Betis: “It’s his resolution. It’s clear that I do know that as a Baetian he would love to return”. That is how the present Liverpool goalkeeper pronounced in an interview with The uncheck during which he had an affect on that chance: “The state of affairs has to occur on either side as a result of he’s from the Actual Madrid squad and is due to Actual Madrid. However coming residence at all times pleases me. I feel if he has that chance, a A superb alternative to return residence at his age and proceed to present how good a footballer he’s. Why not? “Adrián has watched Ceballos intently within the Premier since they each took that course final summer time. The goalkeeper was additionally within the highlight for a doable return to Heliopolis as they now focus extra on the determine of the utrerano, who has not discovered his finest model of the sport since he left the Verdiblanco crew two and a half years in the past. Adrián San Miguel additionally spoke concerning the current and way forward for Joaquín, the present Verdiblanco captain: “Joaquín is and shall be a legend of Betis. When he retires, clearly it will likely be his flip, though now I see that he’s tremendous high quality and he’s getting sooner and sooner. He takes excellent care of himself and is a man who can bodily afford it. Going residence and having fun with retiring within the crew of his loves could be very stunning and hopefully he shall be on condition that recognition ceaselessly as a result of he shall be one of many Betis legends “ LaLiga Santander* Information up to date as of Might 8, 2020 Requested concerning the Baetic quarry, it was clear: “Many instances it’s maybe extra helpful than the one which comes from exterior. I consider that this step that the membership takes to wager on its youth squads is vital, it’s a worth for the long run. It’s one thing you’ll be able to reap the benefits of and if not, get a great slice of it to promote it and get a price economically. The state of affairs of the membership has now improved rather more, the home is being valued extra and I’m glad as a Betis to see that from afar. ” A couple of weeks in the past Dani Ceballos himself threw a wink by means of social networks remembering his debut with the Betis first crew shirt earlier than leaving for Actual Madrid, stressing that it’s his “ceaselessly crew”. His marketing campaign at Arsenal leaves some doubt for Madrid about what destiny awaits his footballer beginning subsequent summer time. The utrerano by no means discovered the boldness of Zinedine Zidane and subsequently may wager on one other change of surroundings with expectant Betis regardless of the financial difficulties that the operation would entail on the finish of this marketing campaign.last_img read more

Camavinga may run out of Champions: Madrid, alert

first_imgIn accordance with the data of The Occasions, the best physique of European soccer has scheduled for October 20 the start of the subsequent Champions League. At finest, the earlier section would rely on single spherical to single get together and the place the groups with larger rating, that’s, those that enter by means of the champions section. By rating, the Rennes would keep framed in hype 3, since he has by no means performed within the Champions League. UEFA has in thoughts one financial compensation to alleviate sports activities harm. Camavinga I had in thoughts proceed on the Rennes and assist his staff entry the Champions League. The ultimate probability for the Bretons to qualify would rely on the UEFA resolution about Olympique de Marseille, which drags a € 78 million deficit and he nonetheless doesn’t know if he’ll dispute the subsequent Champions for the Monetary Truthful-Play. The decision will come out in June and it may gain advantage Rennes. The choice may additionally to have an effect on to the future of Eduardo Camavinga. The midfield participant Rennes is an object of curiosity for Actual Madrid and though there is no such thing as a clause linking the French staff within the occasion of accessing the Champions League, the actual fact of not with the ability to play the European Cup may pave the way in which to signal for the white staff.center_img The Rennes may keep out of the subsequent Champions League. Regardless of having confirmed its participation within the earlier after ending third in Ligue 1, the UEFA plans restrict the preliminary section because of the calendar circumstances brought on by the coronavirus. That might immediately hurt the Breton group, which may attempt entry to the utmost continental competitors.last_img read more

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