The electricity supplier of agricultural products in force the tea industry to the plum to open two

twenty-first Century or e-commerce, or no business can be." Bill Gates said, the Internet has become the most important e-commerce sites on the Internet the opportunity for the development of e-commerce, more and more showing a rampant trend, more and more behind the Internet e-commerce just show the entire Internet development trend, the recent development of e-commerce of agricultural products has become one of the most trend the use of electronic commerce opportunity, development of agricultural products to obtain the largest advantage with the development of electronic commerce, the electricity supplier of agricultural products has increasingly become an essential component of a table culture, as a traditional agricultural products of tea, both in the development of the Internet and e-commerce development, development advantage with the help of the electricity supplier of agricultural products, has achieved a good development, but the tea industry is seeking for the whole Net development of business, towards the "situation for the plum to open two degrees". read more

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Application of SEO technology in electronic commerce and the monthly income of million is not a drea

I have access to the Internet has been more than 5 years, has been that the network is ultimately serve the real economy, so the construction of the first from the portal to the common website construction and promotion, to electronic commerce recently. Along the way feeling quite deep, but also want to share some of their experience and share.

Seo technology, often on the A5 personal webmaster, it is well known, Seo is the search engine optimization, mainly including the station optimization and station optimization. General personal webmaster are studying how to increase the site in Baidu, Google and other search engines, as well as the rankings, but ignored the direction of e-commerce. A lot of people very disdain for e-commerce, I also experienced the psychological process, always think is the webmaster to do technology, e-commerce operation involves too low, purchasing, sales, operations and so on, these are not individual owners should do things, sometimes even think that these are not people who read the book should do. read more

B2B three giants prototype has become a strategic clarity but not perfect

[Abstract] some people say that 2016 will be the B2B industry see the outcome of a year, because in 2015, B2B industry of the "big three" already established, Ali, HC steel. The reason why these three are called B2B industry giants, there are two reasons: first, volume, influence; second, strategic clarity.

there is no doubt that the Alibaba’s B2B business has been proud of its business group, many of them have long circulated in rivers and lakes "for iron, as the group’s first listed business group, has a remarkable significance in the field of electronic commerce Chinese; HC, as early as in 2003 in Hongkong gem listed, the current valuation of 15 billion; steel, has just received 1 billion 100 million yuan E round of financing by Jingxi venture, Thailand securities investment area recently, as the founder of B2B2.0, find the fortune of the steel net, led to the birth of" for a moment ".   read more

Amoy boss ten days to learn how to identify Taobao guest Taobao link

Objective: reading a lot of friends I (net Amoy boss) video interview and Guangzhou times information network reported on the guest came to see me and asked me how to do Taobao customers, these problems are each novice must ask the question, so want to want to write a "ten days" the guest will do Taobao tutorial. I hope that through my tutorial can let everyone know what is Taobao guest, know the network of a new industry, the industry can also do a good job of the day into a hundred thousand yuan, also can solve the employment problem. Ten days to learn Taobao’s other day of the course you can Baidu search for the "ten days to learn Taobao off" can be found. Get down! Ten days to learn Tao eighth days, how to identify my Taobao read more

Amazon and Jingdong snatch third parties Shop Free

July 6th, Amazon announced the official opening of the third party seller platform, launched I want to shop and Amazon logistics service. In the third party seller in free shop and annual fee.

According to the introduction of

Amazon, third party sellers to join Amazon open platform, to provide proof of qualifications, to ensure genuine licensed assurance, Amazon will provide a consistent shopping experience, and provide the same product page, including front-end merchandising, marketing, warehousing, logistics and back-end payment, customer service and other services. read more

Jumei com test by sea Amoy bonded cross border logistics layout

September 12th morning news, is accelerating the layout of overseas market: since June low-key on-line sea Amoy website United States overseas purchase, and plans to open in September in the United States independent channel home page, and large-scale promotion. At the same time, has been with the Henan bonded logistics center, cross-border cooperation of the domestic logistics warehouse, docking is expected to be completed in September.

it is reported that the United States purchased overseas has partnered with dozens of high-quality beauty brand, provide more than 1000 kinds of products for consumers to choose, including Beyond, The, Saem, Holika and other brands, recently with South Korea Trade Promotion Association reached a strategic cooperation. read more

Sell cosmetics for many years Chen Europe to speak for the U S


] O2O billion state power network is not only the line shop, as China Sephora or Watsons. Now it is necessary to access more home to the United States Industry O2O businesses, service more beauty girls. This may be the founder Chen ou and his team never thought.

CEO spokesman Chen Ou had to

has informed sources, has plans to open the interface on App, give priority to the beauty, Manicure several popular home services import traffic and customers. App and the types of goods involved in channel read more

f you want to choose a reliable service provider WeChat the six reading

the night of 4 March, a wave of WeChat to pay the full opening of the message bombarded the WeChat circle of friends.

March 5th, another wave of WeChat payment has been fully open news from micro-blog hit.

after March 5th, all about WeChat marketing training institutions will be prompted to March 4th night!

WeChat, is indeed open, but also more imagination, so we can see is a big wave of enterprises in the rush to WeChat! Once those who do not have to consider the enterprise may also gradually heart. read more

The perspective of mobile power products are three chaos the firm says nobody seriously

does not indicate a brand of rechargeable treasure, can be replaced by a variety of electronic connectors for charging

with intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer and other electronic products has gradually become the daily life of the necessary equipment, in order to solve the large consumption of the battery, standby time is short, portable mobile power supply (hereinafter referred to as the "charging treasure") came into being. Reporter survey found that due to the lack of relevant standards, the current charging treasure for sale online and available in the market, brand hybrid, a large number of low-quality products full of them, due to the charging treasure quality problems in the accident. Insiders said that the purchase of rechargeable treasure should choose a regular product, ask for an invoice and pay attention to the third party product certification, safeguard their own interests. read more

Where the new V store on line to move closer to the traditional brand channel

due to the low-end product positioning clients, and form a competitive relationship with other mature brand, leading to where the customer has been excluded from the brand supply chain. Therefore, we must establish a multi brand online mall, to the traditional brand channel closer.

      May 19th morning, VANCL announced that the company’s new shopping site "V+" ( has been officially launched, the first on-line Lee, G-star, Mark Ed Faye and other more than 60 brands. read more

WAL MART free delivery to promote national electricity supplier to Sike

WAL-MART store free delivery service has been extended to the country’s stores. Yesterday, WAL-MART China’s official micro-blog said that a single ticket of 188 yuan can enjoy a full range of free delivery within 2 km of the service has covered the country.

this service does not contain fresh and frozen goods. In fact, from the beginning of this year, WAL-MART began to gradually promote the service from some stores to the country. Consumers in the checkout, merchandise and shopping receipts for free delivery area, then registered shipping address and contact information, you can go home and wait for a receipt. Store staff will use special customized logistics box distribution of goods to the customer’s home, in order to protect the privacy of customers. Before 4 p.m.. After 4 p.m.. read more

2016 electricity supplier consumer behavior report Zhejiang people more money and more self willed f

Shanghai shopping smarter love comparison. Guizhou mobile terminal consumption accounted for nearly 90%, leading the country.

January 12th twenty-first Century, Jingdong Joint Economic Research Institute released blockbuster "2016 China electricity consumption behavior report", Jingdong based on the data of 2016 electricity consumption trends, user portrait, purchase behavior, payment behavior, brand preference dimension analysis. In addition to the most economically developed regions, the largest number of online shopping, the main electricity supplier for young people, the promotion of online shopping is very effective, these content, the report has some interesting findings. read more

The new trend of e commerce value added industry

in recent years, with the popularity of thousands of households to the advantage of network of Internet economy has developed rapidly and achieved amazing growth, in a sense, said the Internet economy determines the direction of social development is not a huge market demand, the achievements of a fiery Internet economy, the consumer e-commerce is more and more people to accept and choose the traditional consumption pattern of the market has changed, according to the Ministry of Commerce 2012 statistical yearbook, e-commerce transactions accounted for the entire consumer market share of nearly 40%, the degree of prosperity of e-commerce industry so as can be imagined. read more

How to make the domain name domain name to maximize the effectiveness of

We focus on the analysis of the importance of

to the.

domain name

as the information service enterprises, divided into individual domains must be careful, because of the popularity of the site is the site where the value of. Otherwise, the value of a single domain name cohesion than the spread of the site’s popularity even higher. We look at the YAHOO service, it is actually very diverse, involves the search, web services, e-commerce, financial information, news and so on, but it always clinging to a YAHOO.COM. But in the domestic web site, the beginning of the service has been monotonous means, but also to diversify the attention of visitors to engage in multi domain name. Finally, not only failed to achieve the scale effect, but in order to give people a sense of the content is too small, a thankless task is the best footnote. read more

O2O intends to invest 100 million brilliance business layout and brilliance stores linkage

intime business together with Tmall O2O (Online to Offline), more and more physical retailers start online and offline linkage. Bailian Group said yesterday that its brilliance’s electricity supplier, supplier strategy alliance conference was held, to maximize their resources to carry out online and offline, and start the network set store "," store electricity payment and O2O business.

brilliance brilliance electricity supplier said, electricity supplier plans to invest 100 million yuan of commodity marketing resources, and with many vendors and associates company’s brilliance offline business cooperation business, with resource sharing, risk sharing, cooperation and win-win principle, through business process reform and reform of the supply chain, suppliers and contracting joint marketing, to provide "network set store" service. COFCO, including Samsung, SONY, CASIO, Baidu, arowana, Tencent, HUAWEI, yitengzhonghuatang and FedEx, SF EXPRESS, Chinese post, Kuroneko tkyubin, dual LAN logistics and other more than and 130 enterprises at home and abroad, as well as Lianhua Quik have responded to the solid platform. Among them, COFCO, Samsung, SONY, CASIO, Jinlongyu, yitengzhonghuatang brand enterprises and Bailian electricity supplier formally signed a cooperation framework agreement book. read more

About gun economics of mobile internet

intelligent mobile phone nearly two years of popularization of speed mobile Internet ushered in the speeding development of explosive, mobile Internet has become the focus of market development of the Internet industry, all kinds of mobile applications emerge in an endless stream. In the field of traditional Internet occupies a major position in social networks, e-commerce, search engine applications also occupy an important position in the mobile internet. Mobile social networking, mobile, mobile search has become a popular direction for the development of mobile Internet, these three types of mobile applications has become the city Metrosexual fashionista who "about gun weapon, and a lot of mobile phone APP positioning itself in about gun application. Mobile Internet about gun economics is driving the development of mobile internet. read more

Do not talk about the business model of the O2O are rogue

O2O is popular, last year in thinking about the Internet, this trend has not in the past, now we all walks of life are beginning to talk about O2O, what is said, or the actual operation, said too many people, ideas are, like the Internet thinking, said many people but has lost. Listen to the singing stage for a time the situation became Taiwan, Taiwan sing could really play, but the audience heard, most should be mumbo-jumbo.

You can see a lot of

, O2O is just talking about the trend, said model, rarely involving commercial things, that is to say, it is difficult to say the business mode based on the O2O, what is the business model? Is whether you use O2O formed the industrial scale and profit estimation are impossible, but you can see the O2O of this model in the future development potential. read more

Total number of domain names of the world’s 100 largest registrar

According to the latest 2008/04/26 data show that China has seven domain name finalists TOP100.

personal remarks: Xinnet such a performance, and whether there are brothers and sisters are reflected, some of the company is not a particularly good events (including services) caused?

Of course, compared with

It is the same as

read more

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