WeChat has brought a new business model t’s hard to be a business model

now WeChat public number can be said to be numerous, a lot of WeChat users are very exclusive to add these public numbers. However, have to say is that many businesses are very concerned about this marketing platform. Does WeChat bring a new business model?


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Lucky money to start a small business to make money to start a small business success

is now the entrepreneurial army, young and younger, today’s hero is a young entrepreneur. Although I have no what big assets, no house no car, no large amounts of cash, but I have two hotels, they may be I shook Qian Shu, in nurturing my they will gradually grow up and become the cause of vision in my mind. Some people say that I am a woman, but I believe that men can do a good job, I do!

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Two trick of Wang Laoji’s success

Wang Laoji, we are not unfamiliar, is the beverage industry giant, is the boss of the beverage industry, much consumer attention and praise, won the reputation of. But Wang Laoji’s success is not easy, has its own unique skill!

from zero to one hundred million, Wang Laoji has gone through nearly a hundred years, from one hundred million to five billion, Wang Laoji spent more than five years, and from five billion to 10 billion is only a short period of time more than a year, according to the conventional one hundred million to five billion in five years is not easy, but just one year increased from 5 billion to billion, this breakthrough is unimaginable in the beverage industry, but Wang Laoji has done. read more

Wuhan partner open Baozipu sit two rich generation name

"partner" Chinese high box office movie inspired countless young entrepreneurs, venture partner is not unusual, and the entrepreneurial process can unite the feelings consistent from beginning to end is worthy of their entrepreneurial story.

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There are four places to pay attention to the purchase channels

women are born Shopaholic, always have a lot of interest in the choice of clothing, women’s clothing store, first of all to choose a good source of goods, so as to allow you to better business, faster get rich. So, for women’s clothing store operators, we must master a variety of purchase channels, in order to ensure that they can find a good supply of cheap and good. Today, Xiaobian for you to recommend four kinds of women’s purchase channels, so that your women’s clothing store business is hot every day! read more

Novice how to open a creative home jewelry store

now society, people are more Home Furnishing love life experience, at the same time, the Home Furnishing life quality requirements continue to increase, now joined Home Furnishing industry need to pay attention to many problems, among them, a good management skills are important.

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Rural entrepreneurship entrepreneurial skills

In fact, the rural

shop is the most simple, the migrant workers are now back home shop can accumulate a lot of good entrepreneurial experience. Look at how they have successfully set up shop.

A, let the customer rest

in the store dedicated to vacate an empty place, put a few tables and stools, free supply of boiling water, let the pedestrians in the store have a rest and drink slobber, so virtually enhance the communication with customers, so that customers feel good service, sincere, conveniently buy take a few pieces of goods. read more

The Spring Festival to hold the feast for the elderly and young migrant workers in Hunan deeds

a lot of people in the old age due to inconvenience, their economic conditions are limited, so the standard of living is not very good! But a new generation of people, a lot of young people don’t forget the pay, "I wish the old people’s health, longevity, happy life!" is the beginning of the six month, with the event sponsor Huang Wen to a nearby, CO sponsored by the young migrant workers "feast for the elderly in Hunan Miao Autonomous County in Mayang Province Ping Xi Xiang Zhu Mu Cun have. read more

Nine dumplings Museum three years of entrepreneurial ore boiling water 8 stores

the difference between ordinary people and great people is a think of doing much less done a little more, sometimes we will have a lot of great thoughts, such as entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thought almost all of it, but a few can really do it today this is about the students she had! Start boiling water dumpling shop, business is good for three years, opened 8 stores!

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Liangjiang nternational Film City with the people of Chongqing happy Spring Festival

in the eyes of many people, can go out to play, you can let your mood to relax, so that more people will pay attention to the overall strength of the enterprise, while winning recognition. And you can feel the special activities, let people have a feeling of human, a rickshaw, listening to storytelling, building products exhibition of Yanzi shopping streets…… Reporters from the Chongqing Liangjiang International Film City was informed that the Spring Festival Golden Week Liangjiang International Film City received a total of 1 million 60 thousand tourists, feel prosperous in taste. read more