CM invites Harsh Vardhan to join antidengue drive

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday wrote to Union Health and Family Welfare Minister Harsh Vardhan urging the Central government to participate in the anti-dengue awareness campaign, ’10 Hafte 10 Baje 10 Minute’, to ensure the prevention of vector-borne diseases in the national capital. Highlighting the need for public participation to make the fight against dengue a huge success, the Chief Minister recalled that the initiative of Odd-Even in the fight against air pollution was a success due to collective efforts of everybody. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderIn his letter, the Chief Minister stated that the Delhi government on September 1 initiated a mass awareness campaign to make people aware of keeping their homes and surroundings free of mosquito breeding spots. Under the campaign, “The entire city residents have been appealed to spend 10 minutes at 10 a.m. every Sunday for the next 10 weeks in checking their homes and around to ensure there is no stagnant clean water anywhere where the Aedes Mosquitoes can breed”, Kejriwal wrote. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings”I began this campaign from my home on Sunday and so did all my Ministerial colleagues, MLAs, Councillors and Delhi government officers. We will continue this campaign for the next 10 Sundays, till November 15, since prevention of any kind of mosquito breeding is the most effective way to curb the spread of Dengue and Chikungunya,” he added. Inviting the Union Health Minister, Kejriwal said: “I invite you and all Central government Ministers to participate in this campaign. Your participation will inspire many others to participate.” He informed that the Delhi government has now directed all its employees to participate in the campaign. Kejriwal asked them to check their homes at 10 am every Sunday and their offices at 11 am every Friday. “I would, therefore, request you to issue a similar appeal to all the Central government employees since a large number of the Centre’s officers and employees reside in the city,” CM added in the letter. “I appeal to you make this campaign for prevention of Dengue and Chikungunya a huge success like the Odd-Even. Delhiites have kept Dengue and Chikungunya successfully under check during last three years and this year we can bring their number further down.” Kejriwal appealed to Union Health minister.last_img read more

Vancouver residents rally to oppose another major pipeline

first_imgAPTN National NewsWith much debate and criticism over Enbridge’s Northern Gateway Pipeline ProjectA new plan is being proposed to twin – Kinder Morgan’s existing pipeline – called the Trans Mountain Pipeline to VancouverAs APTN’s Tina House tells us this new plan isn’t sitting well with the local First Nations or the Vancouver City Council.last_img

Two UN agencies team up to keep Afghan villagers away from heroin

12 April 2010United Nations agencies have distributed 60 metric tons of food to 700 villagers in western Afghanistan in a programme designed to rehabilitate an irrigation canal that is the lifeline of Khosan district and stop locals from working in the heroin industry. Though the district is considered poppy-free, drug trafficking remains a problem and those who cannot find work in Khosan, near the Iranian border, travel to Farah or Helmand, where they receive about 500 Afghanis a day for harvesting poppies, the raw material of opium and heroin. Some 90 per cent of the world’s heroin supply comes from Afghanistan. At the request of the UN Office for Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the World UN Food Programme (WFP) has compensated the canal workers by distributing daily rations.To ensure that the improvement lasts, UNODC has simultaneously planned an ambitious land-stabilization programme to counter the effect of the past years of drought and the ensuing deforestation as farmers cut the already meagre vegetation for cooking and animal fodder, aggravating the precarious condition of their environment. As a result, sand blew onto the fields and into the canal.Three years will be needed for the stabilization and 40,000 saplings have already been planted. Meanwhile, 70,000 seeds have been sown on 2,000 square metres of land, to be transported to the desert once grown.WFP also distributed food to those who planted the bushes and those who will be watering them during the coming year. The sapling bushes, selected for their resistance to drought, will grow and scatter their seeds to generate new vegetation. read more

UN tribunal official heads to Belgrade to deliver Milosevic arrest warrant

Registrar Hans Holthuis plans to “clarify to the authorities in Belgrade the steps that have to be taken to fulfil their legal obligations set out in the Tribunal’s Rules of Procedure and Evidence, so that the authorities are clear on the course of future cooperation with the Tribunal,” according to a statement released by the court.Mr. Holthuis is anticipating meetings with the Federal Minister of Justice, Momcilo Grubac, the Serbian Minister of Justice, Vladan Batic, and the Serbian Interior Minister, Dusan Mihajlovic.The Registrar will hand over the arrest warrant for Mr. Milosevic “to ensure that it is served on the accused,” the Tribunal said. He will also be seeking information on the nature of the charges being brought against Slobodan Milosevic in the district court in Belgrade, “so as to be able to evaluate the possible connection between the charges and the Tribunal’s indictment.”According to the Tribunal’s rules, when an accused person is arrested, the State in question must detain him and promptly notify the Registrar. Rule 57 specifies that the transfer of the accused to the seat of the Tribunal “shall be arranged between the State authorities concerned, the authorities of the host country and the Registrar.”Meanwhile, the Tribunal’s President, Judge Claude Jorda, and its Prosecutor, Carla del Ponte, issued a statement today recalling “the absolute obligation binding on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” to transfer Mr. Milosevic to the Tribunal’s custody. They called for a date to be set for the transfer, noting that “Slobodan Milosevic is no different from any other person” indicted by the Tribunal. read more

DR Congo UN teams assist villages where over a dozen people were

Witnesses identified the killers as Rwandan Hutus, the mission said. MONUC medical teams are assisting the wounded while armed units are securing the area. Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative to the country, William Lacy Swing, strongly condemned the murders and said he plans to visit the villages on Tuesday. “So far we have directly seen 15 casualties that were killed with machetes and knives.” MONUC spokesman Kemal Saiki told the UN News Service. “We have 12 persons wounded and in critical condition,” he added.The incident happened in an extremely remote area far from any roads but just 15 kilometres away from a MONUC troop position. “The attack happened between 10:30 and 11:30 pm and as soon as our troops were informed they sent a quick reaction force of 30 men as well as a medical team which arrived on the scene at 1:50,” Mr. Saiki said. “They started gathering testimony from witnesses and today we have another reconnaissance and inquiry mission that went there.”In July of this year, 36 people in the area were burned alive in their huts. MONUC does not have a mandate to forcibly disarm foreign forces on the DRC territory – this falls to the country’s Government. A tripartite commission comprising Rwanda, the DRC and Uganda set 30 September as the deadline for the disarmament of foreign forces.Asked about a possible motivation for the attack, Mr. Saiki said it could have been in retaliation for the arrest of two Hutu Rwanda rebels two weeks ago. read more

Newmont Mining still weighing up LNGdiesel dualfuel options

first_imgThe use of LNG in the engines of mining haul trucks has been gaining serious traction of late with OEMs and mining companies, alike, considering dual-fuel options.Newmont Mining stated in its 2017 sustainability report, released back in April, that it and Caterpillar were looking at such a project as part of the US-based mining company’s attempt to decrease its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.The company believes the advancement of dual-fuel engines on haul trucks could displace, on average, 65% of diesel fuel with LNG.A Newmont spokesman told IM this week that the company is still in the process of evaluating an LNG option and, at some point, it may “take the next step towards a meaningful pilot project”.Teck Resources carried out such a trial at its Fording River coal operations in British Columbia, Canada.The pilot test, which used a hybrid LNG/diesel fuel system in six haul trucks and concluded in December 2016, provided many valuable learnings to Teck, including “utilising LNG safely and integrating new technologies at our operations”, Greg Brouwer, General Manager, Technology and Innovation, recently told IM.“While the particular LNG technology used in this pilot did not achieve the targeted emission reduction benefits, we remain committed to exploring the use of LNG as a haul truck fuel source to reduce GHG emissions and costs and we are currently assessing other technologies,” he said. (You can read more about Teck’s latest innovations in the upcoming IM October issue)Just last month, GFS Corp reported increased interest in its EVO-MT® System for off-highway machinery. Much of this renewed interest is coming from the mining sector where the company’s products allow haul trucks, wheel loaders and drill rigs to operate on a combination of diesel and LNG or NG+D® as the company refers to it, GFS said.last_img read more

This short film may make you reconsider emigrating

first_imgWATCH THIS short Irish film, which has just gone online this morning, and tell us you don’t feel moved.Origin, made under the Irish Film Board Short Shorts scheme, tells the tale of a young Irishman on the day he is about to emigrate. “As he races through the streets of Dublin he comes to realise the spirit he’s leaving behind.”The animated film – from Souljacker – is directed by James Stacey and produced by Sean Smith, written by Stacey and Matthew Darragh, with an original score from Kila’s Rónán Ó Snodaigh. It was nominated for Best Animation at the IFTAs 2012, with Darragh directing the animation. via Souljacker Ltd/Youtubelast_img read more

Conference research submissions now open

first_imgThe 10th International Conference on Greek Research is calling for submissions. The submissions are now open for papers about Greek and Cypriot studies and generational perspectives on ageing. Other areas of interest will be ancient Greek philosophy, exploring digital environments, classical studies, Cyprus from 1960-2013, education, history and migration, literature and language, online learning and society and culture. The conference is presented by School of Humanities at Flinders University and the 2nd International Conference on Ageing in a Foreign Land. The conference will be held at Flinders University, located in Adelaide, South Australia, on 27-30 June 2013. The conference welcomes academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers to submit. For those interested, criteria and application forms can be found here:… Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

En vacances les Français restent branchés

first_imgEn vacances les Français restent branchésUn sondage qui vient d’être réalisé révèle que quatre Français sur dix prévoient d’emporter en vacances leur ordinateur ou leur smartphone pour pouvoir naviguer sur Internet ou envoyer des courriels.Un sondage réalisé par LH2 pour le comparateur en ligne Kelkoo inique que 95% des Français qui prendront la route des vacances emporteront dans leurs bagages entre deux et trois produits de haute technologie, d’une valeur moyenne de 727 euros. 73% prévoient de prendre leur appareil photo numérique, 37% leur ordinateur portable, 32% leur caméscope et 31% leur smartphone, rapporte TV5monde.À lire aussiLes applications pour entraîner son cerveau sont-elles vraiment efficaces ?Si les Français envisagent, en moyenne, de passer 4h15 par jour avec leur famille, quatre heures supplémentaires devraient être dédiées à la navigation Internet, dont 22 minutes dans le but d’envoyer des courriels personnels. Il est également prévu qu’ils passent, pour certains d’entre eux, 1h05 au téléphone alors que 2h26 seront réservées au tourisme et près de 2 heures à la baignade ou au bronzage.Selon le sondage, 37% des vacanciers devraient passer 2h22 sur leur ordinateur. Un quart d’heure devrait être réservé, chaque jour, à la page Facebook, 12 minutes pour les chats ou encore quatre minutes pour aller sur son blog personnel et sur Twitter. Les utilisateurs prévoient pour 15% d’entre eux de jouer en moyenne pendant 1h22 à des jeux vidéo tandis que 29% envisagent d’écouter de la musique pendant 1h39 sur leur MP3.Le 8 juin 2011 à 18:32 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Week In Review 57511

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The KSRM News Department compiled some of the top stories from this past week. Wednesday 5/9Audio PlayerJennifer-Wednesday-0509.mp3VmJennifer-Wednesday-0509.mp300:00RPdState Receives Eight Bids From Hilcorp In Cook Inlet Lease Sale, “Findings Of No Significant Impact” Issued Regarding The North Kenai Spur Extension Project, New Visitor’s Center In Soldotna Inching Closer To A Reality Monday 5/7Audio PlayerJennifer-on-Monday-0507.mp3VmJennifer-on-Monday-0507.mp300:00RPdLawmakers Seek To Reduce The Allowable Serving Size In Taprooms, AGDC, BP Alaska Announce Gas Sales Agreement, Soldotna Looks At Beginning Draft Process For Potential Annexation Zones Friday 5/11Audio PlayerJennifer-friday-0511.mp3VmJennifer-friday-0511.mp300:00RPdEmergency Alert System Sends Tsunami Test Warning, Kenai BP Teacher Of The Year Announced, New Kenai Fjords 360 Joins Major Marine Tours Fleet In Seward, Former Nikiski Man Sentenced For Illegally Possessing 29 Firearmscenter_img Tuesday 5/8Audio Player05-11-2018-THIS-WEEK-TUESDAY-FINAL.mp3Vm05-11-2018-THIS-WEEK-TUESDAY-FINAL.mp300:00RPdDivision Of Forestry Certifies 23 New Wildland Firefighters, Walmart To Open Bulk Sales Location In Old Sam’s Club, Tentative Agreement Made On Draws From Alaska’s Oil Wealth Fund, Safe Boating Week Is Right Around The Corner, 33-Year-Old Harbor Seal Humanely Euthanized Following Age-Related Complications Thursday 5/10Audio Player05-11-2018-THIS-WEEK-THURSDAY-FINAL.mp3Vm05-11-2018-THIS-WEEK-THURSDAY-FINAL.mp300:00RPdBurn Suspension In Effect On The Kenai Peninsula, KPB Administration And Local City Government Talk Revenue Challenges, Hilcorp Buys Up Tracts In Cook Inlet Oil And Gas Lease Sale, Bradley Lake Expansion Project Begins Todaylast_img read more

Steve Smith had to break it to a fan on Twitter that

first_img Smith responded that he saw one issue with the autograph. It wasn’t his signature.Ice up son. And get a refund while you’re at it.Fake sig sir!!!!— Steve Smith Sr (@89SteveSmith) February 10, 2017 Advertisement Steve Smith recently announced his retirement, so the 89 memorabilia market is on the up tick.One die hard Smith fan tweeted to Smith that he found an old autographed picture of the verbose pass catcher while he was cleaning out his house. What a find!My man! Cleanin out my house and look at this gem i found @89SteveSmith! #GOAT— Tim Cummings (@JonasCummings) February 9, 2017last_img read more

Strong start to Australian summer for China Southern Airlines

first_imgChina Southern A330-300China Southern Airlines (CZ) is reporting solid demand as they enter the third month of their new summer schedule, across the Australian capital cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.Starting on the 13th September 2015, the MEL-CAN-MEL service saw an additional four flights per week; from 10 flights per week to 14 flights per week and will finish 5th December 2015.Due to demand on the MEL-CAN-MEL service, China Southern Airlines will commence further flight increases from 14 flights per week to 18 flights per week with an additional morning service CZ610 from 6th December 2015 to 1st March 2016.The daily BNE-CAN-BNE service officially started on the 26th October 2015 and will finish on the 26th March 2016. The daily route is serviced by the airlines brand new Airbus A330-330/200.Sydney SYD-CAN-SYD service will increase from double daily to triple daily with an additional morning service CZ601/602 from 11th December 2015 to 27th March 2016.Mr. Louis Lu, China Southern Managing Director Australia & New Zealand said on the summer schedule, “We are very happy with the demand so far for our summer schedule. The awareness of China Southern Airlines extensive route network and quality service offering is becoming stronger amongst Australian business and leisure travellers.“We have great confidence in the Australian market and are committed to providing service that is of high quality and exceptional hospitality but also provides an affordable way to travel, not just to Guangzhou but on to 190 destinations in 35 different countries.” finished Mr. LuSince the introduction of the 72-hour visa-free transit, Australians and New Zealanders account for almost 40 per cent of travellers taking advantage of a stopover in Guangzhou.China Southern is a member of the Skyteam alliance, giving it a global reach of 1052 international destinations in 177 countries and regions.In international news, the new service between Guangzhou and Rome via Wuhan will run three times per week and start on December 16th 2015. Fly China Southern AirlinesSource = China Southern Airlineslast_img read more

THAI congratulates THAI Smile on Winning 3 TripAdvisor Awards

first_imgTHAI SmileTHAI congratulates THAI Smile on Winning 3 TripAdvisor AwardsThai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) joins in congratulating THAI Smile Airways on winning three awards under the airline category.THAI Smile has won the following awards from TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards for Airlines: 1) Best Airline in Thailand2) Best Regional Airline in Asia Pacific3) World’s Best Airline – Top 10) based on worldwide passenger reviews for 2017.Mrs. Usanee Sangsingkeo, Acting President, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), said that THAI as the mother company of its subsidiary THAI Smile Airways is exceptionally pleased to join in congratulating THAI Smile on winning awards from TripAdvisor, particularly as THAI holds 100% shares in THAI Smile. Winning these TripAdvisor awards goes to show that THAI Smile is a quality, full service regional airline with reasonable prices. THAI believes that THAI Smile will continue to maintain its high standards and continue to implement further developments.While both THAI and THAI Smile are very happy about these awards, the Company is even further pleased that these TripAdvisor awards reflects passenger satisfaction in THAI Smile services. For this matter, the Company expresses its utmost thanks to passengers for making it possible for THAI Smile to win the world class TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards for Airlines.TripAdvisor is a travel-related website with over 350 million members worldwide that is open to members and tourists worldwide to make reviews of their favorite airlines across the world. These awards resulted from tourists’ reviews over the past 12 months, with emphasis on services, quality, and customer favorites that represent the best value for money. THAI Smilebook flights hereSource = THAI Smilelast_img read more

Rep Rendon introduces new legislative director

first_img Categories: Rendon News 05Jun Rep. Rendon introduces new legislative director State Rep. Bruce Rendon today announced the addition of new legislative director, Robin Naeyaert, to his Lansing office.“I’m thrilled to have Robin leading my team in Lansing,” said Rep. Rendon. “Her experience and know-how make her a valuable asset, not only to me, but also to my constituents. I have great confidence in her abilities.”Naeyaert brings with her more than 20 years of legislative aide experience, as well as serving as county commissioner in Ingham County since January.Rep. Rendon said Naeyaert will join the team on June 8 and be responsible for running the office’s day to day operations and developing legislative policy strategy.###last_img read more

House passes Rep Hernandez bill allowing charitable fundraising on public roads

first_img Categories: Hernandez News ‘Fill the boot’ bill now moves to the SenateThe Michigan House of Representatives passed legislation today authored by state Rep. Shane Hernandez (R-Port Huron) which will allow charitable and civic organizations to solicit funds on and near Michigan roadways.  House Bill 4160 passed with strong bipartisan support.“Groups like the Lions Club of Michigan and local firefighters have been safely doing this kind of fundraising for generations,” said Rep. Hernandez. “I’m glad that we’re one step closer to allowing this longtime practice to legally continue.”The bill allows for fundraising if:·         The charitable or civic organization is registered as a nonprofit with the state or U.S government;·         Solicitations are made during daylight hours;·         The individual doing the fundraising maintains at least half a million dollars in liability insurance;·         The person fundraising is 18 years of age or older;·         The person is wearing high-visibility safety apparel that meets standards by the International Safety Equipment Association; and·         The fundraising area is not a work zone and is within an intersection where traffic control devices are present.HB 4160 passed with 105-0 vote. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration.### 18May House passes Rep. Hernandez bill allowing charitable fundraising on public roadslast_img read more

Rep LaFave votes to end mandate for new teachers

first_img19Mar Rep. LaFave votes to end mandate for new teachers Categories: LaFave News,News New teachers would not be forced to take redundant professional development coursework after graduating from college under a school reform plan support by state Rep. Beau LaFave.LaFave, of Iron Mountain, questioned the necessity of a state-mandated professional development course, especially when new teachers should have completed similar coursework in college.“How does it make sense that a student completes their college coursework, finishes a semester of student teaching, and then has to return to classroom to learn how to teach students with reading challenges within the first few years of their career?” LaFave asked. “They should get that kind of instruction before student teaching so they are properly prepared.”Currently, teachers must complete the reading instruction courses in the first six years of teaching to qualify for a teaching certification.“Mandates such as this don’t help teachers and certainly don’t help students,” LaFave said. “Another issue with this certification requirement is we’re requiring the same standard for all teachers – from high school French to second grade educators. The focus should be on elementary schools where we know the focus is on literacy, but at the same time mindful that reading instruction should be done in college.”House Bill 4084 advances to the Senate for its consideration.#####last_img read more

Rep Howrylak calls for annual Ukrainian Holodomor Memorial Day in Michigan

first_img State Rep. Martin Howrylak recently introduced legislation (HB 6416) to declare November 25th of each year as the Michigan day of remembrance of the Holodomor. Furthermore, the proposed legislation would mark the period beginning on the Sunday before that day through the following Sunday as days of remembrance in Michigan in memory of the victims of the genocide and in honor of the survivors.The term “Holodomor” is a Ukrainian word that means “extermination by means of starvation,” and refers to the Holodomor – Ukrainian genocidal famine of 1932-1933, when millions of Ukrainians perished under the Soviet government of communist dictator Joseph Stalin. Many survivors of the Holodomor and their descendants reside in Michigan and have contributed to the state’s cultural, economic, political and educational life. Rep. Howrylak himself is of Ukrainian descent.“It is important and fitting to observe the Holodomor for the purposes of recognizing the Holodomor and reflecting on its horrific legacy,” Rep. Howrylak said. “The people of Michigan value democratic freedoms, human rights, and the rule of law, honor the values of compassion and honesty, and cherish the multicultural vibrancy of the state. There is no place in this world for the savagery of Soviet communism that was imposed upon its people, including those who were unwillingly made a part of the Soviet Union.”The fourth Saturday in November has been recognized internationally as a day to commemorate the Holodomor; 2018 marks the 85th Anniversary of the tragedy. The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Government Operations for consideration.For more information about this legislation, residents may contact Rep. Howrylak’s office by email at or by phone at (877) 248-0001.### 04Oct Rep. Howrylak calls for annual Ukrainian Holodomor Memorial Day in Michigan Categories: Howrylak Newslast_img read more

Hall Holding high standards is key to good government

first_img Categories: Hall News,News 23Feb Hall: Holding high standards is key to good government By Rep. Matt HallThis article ran in the Feb. 23, 2019 edition of the Marshall Advisor & Chronicle. You may view it here.Michigan families deserve to have a voice in their state government.That is why I voted last week to reject Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s executive order that silences the voice of the people and eliminates citizen commissions required by law to inform government officials how proposed regulations would impact the public before the new rules take effect.For years, Michigan citizens have voiced concerns about the need for better transparency and communication from government regulators before new regulations take effect. These citizens recognized that proposed regulations often had unintended consequences that significantly hindered the ability of local governments and job creators to operate in our state.Rep. Matt Hall’s column originally ran in the Feb. 23, 2019 edition of the Marshall Advisor & Chronicle.Last term, the Michigan Legislature worked collaboratively with citizens and stakeholders over many months to come up with a solution to correct these long-standing problems with the state’s environmental regulatory process. The solution was to create three panels that gave citizens a voice at key points in the regulatory process. These commissions, resulting from hours and hours of testimony and deliberation, were eliminated with the stroke of the governor’s pen through Executive Order 2019-02.Michigan’s Constitution grants the governor the power to reorganize departments of government as she sees fit. But it does not give her the authority to change the law by executive order. If a governor attempts to do so, Michigan’s Constitution grants the legislature the authority to review the executive order and reject it. I voted to reject Governor Whitmer’s executive order because it ignores the law, reduces transparency, and silences the voices of the people we represent.This issue is not about partisanship. My vote to restore these three citizen panels is upholding the same law that existed under a Republican administration during a Democrat administration. Governor Whitmer should be held to the same high standard as any governor: to represent the interests of the people of Michigan and protect the constitutional separation of powers. No matter the issue, we govern for the people, by the people – not all by ourselves. No one person gets to make all the rules.It is also important to know the facts about my vote. It will not stop assistance to communities affected by PFAS or other environmental issues. It also does not affect the governor’s reauthorization of the Michigan PFAS Action Response Team (MPART), or any other critical department functions.Furthermore, the three panels that the governor’s proposed order would have abolished do not hinder clean water efforts. Rather, they are put in place by law to increase transparency and accountability, and to give all citizens a voice.Our government depends on the separation of powers and I am committed to protecting our state’s constitution. Moving forward, I am hopeful that the governor submits a revised executive order that better protects our environment and the health and safety of Michigan families because it protects the important voice of the people we serve in the political process.###Matt Hall was first elected to serve the 63rd District in the Michigan House of Representatives in November 2018. The 63rd District consists of south and central Calhoun County and eastern Kalamazoo County.last_img read more

Eutelsat has placed an order for a new satellite t

first_imgEutelsat has placed an order for a new satellite to offer enhanced broadcasting capacity for the Middle East and North Africa.Eutelsat 8 West B will be launched in 2015 to the 8° West orbital position, joining satellites already operated at the adjacent 7° West position by Eutelsat and the Egyptian satellite company, Nilesat.Eutelsat said over 30 million homes in north Africa and the Middle East are equipped for DTH reception of the more than 800 Arabic and international channels broadcast from 7° and 8° West. It said free-to-air accounts for 500 of the channels, while 50 of the channels are HD. Capacity demand for video services in the region is forecast to grow by 6.8% a year over the coming five years, according to Euroconsult, with the number of HD channels expected to increase fourfold during the next 10 years. Eutelsat 8 West B will be equipped with 40 Ku-band transponders designed primarily to serve DTH markets in north Africa and the Middle East. It will also introduce C-band services to 8° West, with 10 operational transponders connected to footprints covering the African continent and reaching West to South America. To respond to the popularity of the 7/8° West neighbourhood, Eutelsat said it will redeploy an existing high-power Ku-band satellite to 8° West in 2013.Michel de Rosen, Eutelsat CEO said: “We want to ensure we are giving broadcasters the finest quality of service and headroom to grow their business. This new satellite programme will further equip us to deliver the highest quality of service at a video neighbourhood experiencing record demand for reaching TV homes across the Middle East and North Africa.”last_img read more

The number of fixed broadband homes globally will

first_imgThe number of fixed broadband homes globally will reach 745 million in 2017, up from an expected 578 million at the end of this year, according to a report from Digital TV Research.Of the 167 broadband additions over the next five years, China and India are expected to supply 57% of the total between them, according to the report. China will remain the top fixed broadband nation with 251 million homes, up from 120 million in 2010, while the US will be in second place with 101 million, up by 20 million.The growth will take global fixed broadband penetration to 49.2%, up from 40.3% at the end of 2012.last_img read more