According to the unified arrangements of the central and provincial education practice leadership team, the team of the Municipal Committee of the rectification work plan is as follows: first, the basic spirit of informed about the guiding ideology, objectives and requirements and working principle of the rectification work in the guiding ideology, conscientiously implement the party’s eighteen, the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee and twelve provincial six plenary session of the five, adhere to the spirit of the meeting, general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, especially important speech in Lankao County standing committee team when the topic of democratic life as a guide, fully implement the central and provincial requirements on the rectification work, pragmatic honest people as the theme, effectively abide by the party’s political discipline and implement the central eight the provisions of the "four winds" there are problems, improve education, curing control inspection results, Further strengthen the construction of the Standing Committee of the party itself, and effectively improve the ability to solve their own problems, improve the ability to do mass work. In the target requirements, political forces are more enhanced. Strictly abide by the party’s political discipline, the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, self-confidence, self-confidence and confidence in the system, the central party to maintain a high degree of consistency, and consciously safeguard the central and provincial authorities. Correct view of achievements more secure. Fully implement the Scientific Outlook on Development, firmly establish a correct view of achievements, accelerate the pace of structural adjustment, turn the way, and strive to build a people’s satisfaction with the life of the city, the city of happiness. Four winds remediation more effective. Strictly implement the opinions of the eight Central and provincial regulations, carry out special treatment on the salient issues of a general problem to establish a new system, promote the city’s cadres significantly change the style. Closer ties with the masses. Keep in mind the "Two Musts", firmly establish the sense of purpose and the masses, to further enhance the ability and level of mass work under the new situation, and earnestly safeguard the fundamental interests of the people of all ethnic groups. Party life more stringent. The full implementation of the "three class", the central group learning system, conscientiously implement democratic centralism, to standardize the organization, carry out criticism and self-criticism, and effectively improve the Standing Committee of the team the ability to find and solve the problems of their own. The principle of work is to insist on standing upright. Starting from their own, from now on, from the feedback to change the views, from the work in charge of the implementation of the party to manage the party, the party strictly the principles and measures to fight a special battle. Adhere to the leadership to take the lead. Set an example, set an example, to strict standards, strict measures, strict discipline and manage their family and staff, to set an example for the party members and cadres at all levels. Adhere to the establishment of the system. Focus, orderly, the effective way to cure, to find out the loopholes and short board Yan Yan filled, according to the rules of the act, by the system of long-term mechanism to control people, the power locked cage system. Adhere to mass participation. Fully arouse the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in educational practice activities, encourage the free airing of views listening to people’s opinions and suggestions, all aspects of the masses in order to participate in the activities of the organization, accept the supervision and appraisal of the masses, truly gather powerful positive energy to improve the style of work. Second, focusing on the rectification of the content and an important measure is an in-depth study of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech. Earnest study;