smokers should be careful, starting tomorrow, Xining will be fined 50 yuan of illegal smoking! "Xining Smoking Control Ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations") formally implemented in May 1st, when smoking smoking or carrying lighted Yanju, law enforcement officers were found, will be immediately punished.

smoking ban immediately fined

May 1st, in violation of the "Regulations" provisions, smoking in no smoking places and places to operators, managers discouraged, smoking cessation behavior by the relevant administrative departments "Regulations" the provisions of article fifth in accordance with the scope of duties shall impose a fine of fifty yuan; refused to terminate, and impose a fine of two hundred yuan. At the same time, carrying combustible cigarettes, cigars, pipes in the case of not listening to the case will be punished.

shopping mall by bus can not smoke

prohibit smoking in indoor workplaces, indoor public places and public transport facilities within the administrative area of this municipality. Mainly for: (a) the outdoor area preschool education institutions, schools, juvenile training institutions for minors to provide education, teaching activities, educational activities or services; (two) – (a) outdoor teaching area schools, training institutions outside the provisions; (three) for pregnant women and children provide the outdoor area of social welfare institutions of medical and health institutions and services; (four) stadiums, sports places outdoor audience seats, arenas; (five) the government according to the needs of large-scale activities, temporary additional workplace smoking ban; (six) other smoking places the provisions of laws and regulations.

smoking control places want to smoke please go to the smoking area

The indoor area of

within the administrative areas of the city all kinds of food service establishments; indoor area bars, dance halls, nightclubs and other entertainment places; indoor areas of chess, massage, bathing, entertainment and leisure service establishments; indoor area Hotels, hostels and resorts provide residential rest service establishments to limit smoking (smoking restriction refers to the area, only smoking or smoking smoking area, smoking is forbidden in the rest area.


smoking places found smokers can complain

any unit or individual has the right to dissuade smokers to stop smoking in places or areas within the smoke, places or regional operators or managers, to stop smoking to stop smoking does not fulfill the duty; duties of operators or managers, have the right to report and complaints. Violation of the provisions of the illegal acts, you can complain through the tobacco control hotline 6265951 and the government hotline 12345.