7 17, the fifteenth session of the Qinghai Rural Letter cup Qinghai Lake international road cycling race officially entered the race stage. On the first day, Chinese team of Bank of Gansu team and Qinghai team to three wins a tianyoude collar Jersey, won the tournament opener winner.

from now until July 30th, this reporter will invite professional cycling announcer yoshikane Mr. Qiu, experts comment on each event.

president of the race around the lake broadcast announcer Qiu:

Xining criterium is around the current opener, stage of the entire section of flat, players in the first stage to get a good result, so the competition is fierce.

results from the situation, the first ring Kors Ukraine team boots · Vitale and Taipei RTS the Ortega · Ramirez ghoulishly; two players outstanding success. At the third end of the fourth lap · boots; Vitale due to physical problems or tactical needs gradually turned back, and Ortega · Ramirez single-handed always adhere to in the end, fast to end point mass before being swallowed. So, in the game, the Taipei RTS morichi Ortega · although Ramirez did not win the championship, but this year the newly established "fight" award, he fully deserve.

from the general point of view, in addition to a player did not complete the game, the other players are at the same time to enter the terminal, but because of the order of the finish line is different, but the ranking has. From the game, the first stage is completed smoothly.

opener is only 13 stages, the flat stage, more difficult, more challenging still behind the stage, but also the performance of the players behind the stage.

17 days throughout the game, Taipei team and Ukraine team Kors ghoulishly RTS best performance, two players have always been out of a large group of leaders on a 3 minute 50 seconds, it is because of their initiative, is behind the group forward. So, the first stage the most commendable is · Vitale and Ortega · boots; Ramirez; two players. In the process of catching up from a large group of players, which is hard to Italy – Nebo Vinnie Fantini team, led the last mass recovery time.


stage has two sprint points, China team Gansu bank team Miguel · Angel who won two sprint points, Qinghai tianyoude team Dong Xiaoyong was a sprint points. In addition to the first integral climbing Polka Dot Jersey vacancies, finally announced the first stage of the championship tournament and the total score of the first yellow jersey, the first green jersey sprint points and the total score of the first asian blue shirts three Jersey and the winner of the first "fight" award winner.