days ago, the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau jointly to the province 17 motor vehicle inspection agency to conduct a comprehensive inspection, the inspection found the construction supervision network platform is lagging behind, the quality inspection report is not high, out of line inspection problems.

for the implementation of dynamic regulation, to achieve automatic inspection of motor vehicle inspection process video monitoring and inspection data. The Provincial Traffic Police Corps requirements before April 1st this year all vehicle inspection agency to complete the network monitoring and real-time data upload platform construction. However, from the examination of the current situation, only 4 Xining City motor vehicle inspection agencies, inspection agencies, Haidong HTC Aetna achieved network video monitoring and data upload, other parts of the detection mechanism, only the realization of video surveillance, Hai Xizhou Xin Wang Golmud automobile comprehensive testing limited liability company, Golmud Yu Run vehicle inspection Co. Ltd., Qinghai oil comprehensive performance of vehicle safety inspection station, Haibei motor vehicle inspection center also failed to achieve real-time data upload, affect the normal work of remote vehicle detection.

was found in the 50 test report on the sampling detection mechanism and detection quality detection mechanism is not high, there is no leak and inspection item inspection item inspection record appearance is not complete, the artificial detection part form, Henan Golmud run vehicle inspection Co. Ltd. appearance inspection check problem.

examination revealed that the security mechanism test Lane does not meet the requirements of the phenomenon more, the test tracks are not effectively isolated, traffic signs and markings are not standardized, not complete, the road is not smooth, instead of Test Station Road phenomenon, has seriously affected the effective implementation of the road test. Arbitrary issue of false appearance inspection report, part of the inspection agency outside the inspection area is no trench, there is a lack of obvious test still fill out the full inspection report.

to solve the above problems, the joint inspection unit for testing agencies must take effective measures to strictly implement the rectification, thorough investigation of resort to deceit behavior, strengthen supervision and inspection, improve the handling mechanism, urging security agencies to implement the first responsibility of the persons.