In the future, Xining city on the leadership and leading cadres of the target responsibility assessment is no longer merely in the year-end assessment, will focus on the usual assessment and management process, in order to give full play to the objective assessment of the city’s economic and social development orientation, lead and motivate action.

September 4th, reporters from the city inspection office was informed that as I work in the city to crack assessment target assessment work usually weak this "short board", the municipal Party committee, municipal government formulated the "Xining annual target task in daily supervision and evaluation measures" and "Xining City, the annual objectives and tasks of daily assessment and accountability measures" to make. Detailed provisions on the supervision and accountability conditions, asking the principle applicable scope, main contents, methods and procedures of accountability and other aspects, further promote the fine management, innovation and perfecting the annual goal and responsibility assessment work.

for individual counties and departments is still re arrangement of light to implement, check and re arrangement of light heavy light usually year-end issues such as the "Xining daily task of the annual target assessment and accountability measures" and "supervision of Xining City, the annual objectives and tasks of daily assessment of the pilot scheme", will be through the establishment and implementation of assessment system, regularly report daily ledger notification system, tracking supervision and evaluation system, joint conference system, evaluation system, the first half of the inverted deduction system, adopt on-the-spot investigation, thorough investigation and other forms, the key tasks and schedule completion of track inspection, found that timely feedback, and supervise the rectification work.

is not enough, at the same time, low efficiency, poor implementation, slow the progress of key projects for key tasks seriously, affecting the overall situation of the city the responsibility of units and responsible person, will take admonishing conversation, criticism, cancel Pingyoupingxian qualifications, withhold year-end bonuses, suspension, adjustment work, reduce the duty form of accountability. And deduct the corresponding team daily assessment scores, and effectively improve the leading cadres of the implementation of the work. (author: Sheng Nan)