This year, East District in carrying out the party’s mass line of educational practice, the organization of district leadership at the county level cadres of grassroots party organizations in the deputy secretary, listen to the demands of the masses, ask questions about basic policy in China on problem solving, spare no effort for the area of the masses do practical things, the crowd applauded the area…… According to statistics, deputy secretary of the county leading cadres attachment area for more than 7 months, has a solution for the masses is difficult to do practical things, hundreds of pieces, some things are representative. The Municipal Construction Committee, Gas Co to actively coordinate the rhyme ieguchi and Fu Jiazhai, three son of Shan Tong Cun pan gas and other matters, the coordination of natural gas company has promised to finish the work before paving in winter heating pipeline. * actively coordinate with the city planning and other departments, the district finance 100 thousand yuan, to solve the problem of Huangnan District, the activity room of 50 square meters. At present, Huangnan district national unity education base (activity room) has been built. Field research Lu Zhuang village village planning and construction, after several coordination with the relevant departments of the city, has been approved by the planning. The next step will be bidding and other work. The new village construction aspects, will encounter – Pan Zi Shan Cun coordinated, to solve the village village construction funding gap of more than 100 yuan, while the District Organization Department to give the village funds for the construction of integrated office and service center 120 thousand yuan. To implement the Civil Affairs Office of the people’s Congress of the tube and the main members of the civil service subsidies 360 thousand yuan, the funds have been implemented from July this year, issued. By a comprehensive investigation of the region’s religious activities of the site, for the area of 6 places of religious activities reported maintenance subsidies of 1 million 519 thousand and 300 yuan, to further strengthen the construction of religious venues infrastructure. Coordinate the solution to the construction of water and toilet, greening and other issues in the community building, and are now being implemented. Coordinate the solution to the problem of the transfer station in the village of unity village. As of July, has been approved by the Urban Management Bureau, is being implemented. Coordinate the relevant departments for the demolition area of some people to solve the water problem.