Green is a valuable asset, green breeds hope. The morning of April 13th, in the provincial capital of Nanchuan River on the west side (fun Road), West District Xining city volunteers association, the Communist Youth League of Xining City West District, West District Agriculture Bureau, West District Environmental Protection Bureau and the common development in Nanchuan River voluntary tree planting activities. On the same day, more than one thousand people attended the event, planting more trees.

in the planting site, people lined up, in order to receive planting tools. In the 1.2 km long walled Road, everyone laughing and talking, doing good, carefully for each tree. "I have two unexpectedly, one is thought to Laisibaiduo you, did not expect to have so many people, but we are ready to work fully; two did not expect the" West Sea metropolis "influence among the people should be so big!" West District volunteer association staff watch is the tree planting and the busy people, said with deep feeling.

"gave a love hug a green, we love to participate in such activities." Sue and her eight friends with their children together to plant trees, they are divided into several groups, with tacit understanding, less than a few days to plant a tree on the more than and 20. During the break, some people took out the phone with their seedlings planted photos. "We want to send pictures to the Internet, so that we can see what we do is meaningful." Young Li Xing said.

in the field, West District Party committee, propaganda minister, district director Yan Jinyun civilization as an ordinary volunteers participate in tree planting activities. She believes that attention around each tree, every flower, every piece of green, the construction of civilized Xining, green Xining, beautiful Xining is our bounden duty of every citizen. This time, many people spontaneously joined the tree planting activities, people feel very pleased!