hot dog joined the project, in our side, has been a very hot item. In fact, the choice of hot dogs to join the project, is a very good choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice, open their own brands stores, is very popular with the choice!

song dogs originated in 2004 in Western Australia, Australia, Perth, and Curtin University of Technology (Curtin University of Technology, Australia) food processing specialty closely, engaged in the research and development of Western fast food and fresh tea. In 2008 the song Chinese brand according to the market characteristics, determine the Western Australian MUFY cartoon dog unified VI logo, give people a lively, bright sensory experience, very fashionable young consumers, and specifically to the brand as a link, unity based, service as the core, management principle, win-win situation for the purpose of strong landing Chinese the market, with the professional spirit for the majority of investors to provide technical training and licensing service.

song hot dogs have been carried out strategic cooperation to join with Kentucky bread 12 years supplier first brand Chinese bread bread mankattan company, ensure quality and perfect distribution; our hot dog sausage is by the State Administration of industry and Commerce of the A Well-Known Trademark in China, two hot dogs joined by United States Department of agriculture USDA standard and the European EC standard and, through the HACCP certification, to ensure the best quality and the most authentic taste, and have comprehensive and timely delivery. You can go to our physical store to taste.

song hot dog franchise brand is closely attuned to China conditions, focus on low cost business, provide a low-cost way of joining chain for the majority of young people with entrepreneurial intention. Very suitable for domestic interested in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial university graduates have a strong intention but do not have sufficient funds for wage earners, the fierce competition and it is difficult to ensure the profitability of the tea shops, tea shop, coffee shop, bakery and other hand, can be adjusted for the brand transition hot dog shop. Just a small amount of money, a small area, you can achieve some of their own business, entrepreneurial road to accelerate the start.

How about the song

hot dogs? First class quality, delicious taste. No doubt, is the best choice for our business. Good hot dogs to join the project, it is worth joining!