car as our daily transport, provides a great convenience to our life, so the market sales have been growing trend. In the first half of this year, passenger car sales exceeded the expectations of most car prices, passenger car sales surged 29% in September, hit a new high in recent years, car sales. Ministry of Commerce news shows that since the beginning of this year, the national automobile sales accelerated, an unexpected increase, the reporter was informed yesterday, January to September, Fuzhou’s auto sales also increased rapidly.

in the impression of people, this year because of the economic transformation, the car looks low-spirited, published an astonishing sales. So why is this happening?

car sales soared

car prices also do not understand

car sales is indeed beyond the car prices and industry expectations. Do not say that in September, sales in the first half of this year exceeded the expectations of most car prices, and this growth has been going on for nearly a year." Yesterday, in Fuzhou Mount Huangshan China Motor City, a dealer said, and two years before the 4S shop car parked in the parking lot full of the situation is different, this year some 4S stores sell cars without the phenomenon of dealers around looking for manufacturers to get the car. The dealer said that the market appears to make people do not understand the growth, many car companies are looking for internal reasons.

reporter learned yesterday from the Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of statistics, since the beginning of this year, Fuzhou car sales by quarter speed. January to September, the city’s auto sales limit of 36 billion 710 million yuan, an increase of 18% over the same period last year, an increase of 11.1 percentage points. Car sales growth accelerated by quarter, an increase of 9.6% from January to March, from January to June, respectively, from January to September, 18%. Compared with the same period the total retail sales of social consumer goods increased from January to March, the growth rate of 1.7 percentage points lower, from January to June high of 0.7 percentage points, from January to September high of 5.4 percentage points, the overall market for the better.

car dealers said that the actual sales of a lot of car prices are much higher than the target set at the beginning, especially after September sales continued to rise, so that they have some accidents. It is reported that the "golden nine silver ten" is the traditional sales season, rapid growth in the expected, but such a large increase beyond all expectations.

policy is the main cause of sales

in many people’s impression, the year before the start of the car market appears weak sales situation, and now the God reversal, many people do not adapt. So why is there such a situation?

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