Institutions personnel management regulations from 1 onwards, the implementation of more than 30 million institutions in the hands of the staff of the iron rice bowl, will open the porcelain bowl transformation. Guangdong Office of the provincial agency responsible person pointed out that in June 30th the interpretation of regulations, the biggest change is the implementation of institutions and staff identified as contractual relationship, under Henzhao breaking tenure, to achieve personnel can be hired.

as the first pilot reform of public institutions in Guangdong, the reform trend of concern. How to break through barriers to break the iron rice bowl? Institutions personnel pension, medical treatment will be reduced?


post lifelong system will end?

Guangdong Office of the provincial agency responsible person pointed out that the regulations on the administration of the biggest change is the relationship between business units and staff identified as contractual relationship, breaking tenure, including the establishment of the employment contract, fair competition, incentive and restraint, employing mechanisms to protect the rights and interests, and gradually realize the staff can be hired, post first, the treatment can lower energy goals, further invigorate the employment system.

regulations will be iron rice bowl into a porcelain bowl, porcelain bowl may also become no job". Regulations explicitly require that institutions open recruitment of staff, must enter into employment contracts, the formalities of employment, the institution staff absenteeism over 15 consecutive days, or 1 year cumulative absenteeism over 30 days, the institution may terminate the employment contract.

Guangdong post tenure reform has long been started. According to the "Guangdong provincial public institutions recruitment procedures", from the beginning of the 2010 New Year’s day, the Guangdong more than 60 thousand institutions to open new staff recruitment, while 1 million 750 thousand business people turn into a contract with the people, to achieve by the institution fixed by contract to the employer, from identity management to post management changes.

Guangdong province agency office responsible person said that the institution is the direct production, provide public products and service organization, personnel "tenure" leads to post curing, low work efficiency, "do not do the same, more or less a kind, ganhaoganhuai a kind of" big "pot of rice" system has a great impact on the provision of public services.

is a business unit of Guangdong City, the public budget table shows, the total number of the preparation of 170 people, wages and welfare expenditure of about 17 million yuan; budget expenditure for the outside to hire a "temporary" fee amounting to 13 million yuan a year, is the general treatment of formal workers 76%, mean the number of temporary workers and almost formal not much difference between.

in the business unit of work in a leadership of Mr. Liu said: "a room, a four deputy director of 5, of which 3 deputy director of long-term work can not see the shadow, and some are still out to embrace private living. Do not recruit temporary workers, the collapse of the gate are no one tube. These invisible directors have a ‘relationship’, can not afford to quit, do not dare to speak."

"we all have the worry of losing their jobs, and we want to work hard to protect them;