How about the vegetables? Where did you get it? Is the market supply adequate? The table is not rich people? All along, the masses of the basket is the municipal government has always been concerned about the livelihood of the people. In order to reduce the circulation, to ensure market supply, the maximum pull low price people the necessities of life, reduce the cost of living, improve the quality of life, enhance public happiness, the insurance for price stability measures never stop.

stable meat prices, to enrich the basket, let the people live a peaceful and happy Spring Festival, in our city to increase agricultural super docking, sales price, vegetables direct cars into the community, increase direct subsidies and other measures to stabilize prices, as with many tangible real. At present, the city’s festival market supply is adequate, meat prices stable, especially vegetables direct car into the community by the public’s widespread welcome, so that people really feel the benefits brought about by stabilizing prices.

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