2012 in September 7th at 2:30 in the six floor conference room held a bridge in the town, Qiaotou town disabled Fifth Congress, the General Assembly opened in the solemn national anthem, the county CDPF chairman Comrade Ma Fugui was invited to sit in the meeting.


meeting chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the town Party committee Comrade Wang Zhibang, comrade Gong Facheng will be the mayor on the opening speech, vice mayor Comrade Ma Xiuqing on behalf of the town fourth Disabled Persons Federation presidium meeting made working report, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "China Disabled Persons Federation election procedures" to undertake the tasks of the election, should participate in the 52 representatives in practice, 50 representatives, in compliance with the statutory procedures. The meeting elected the president of the Federation of the disabled group and 9 members, elected by a show of hands in the form of the fifth chairman of the Federation of the disabled 1, 1 vice president, director of the Council of 1, elected to attend the County disabled Congress 10. Immediately after the convening of the first meeting of the presidium of the Federation, the members of the work carried out a detailed division of labor, so that a clear division of labor, responsibility to the people.

general election, summarizes the achievements and experience of the past five years, the disabled, planning the next five years for the goal of human resources, and strive to carry out the work of Qiaotou town!