Chinese since ancient times useful crock soup crock soup can be locked because of habit, good tasty, healthy and of course it. Can let you experience the delicious and enjoy the health benefits of probiotic must only crock simmer soup in the biggest food items in the. Pay attention to "eating probiotic", soup is indispensable in the diet, the famous restaurant, small street snack shop, have crock soup. The price is cheap, and the taste is unique. Why crock soup is very popular, the principle of health care which can not be ignored.

crock soup inventive, created a new situation to break the shackles of the traditional fast food, chef, cook crock soup no, no experience, no standard kitchen, and the production process is simple, the digital standard, fool operation, no matter you have no experience, is not exposed to food, cooking soup pot shops are the ideal choice of novice entrepreneurial wealth. The headquarters of professional service team, from the store location, to the late business operations, have special tracking guidance services, civilians do brand, join the crock simmer soup shop no worries.

then the investment crock soup to make money?


crock simmer soup popular small crock nutrition:


1, nutrition and taste

a snack shop to have more customers, no good food is not enough, Wagang snacks have authentic, nutrition, light, not greasy, delicious and so on, with every consumer tastes. At the same time, as the food project, crock simmer soup snack with health and safety and comfortable environment, clean tableware, so customers to this meal is assured.

2, low investment costs, initial investment of only 3-4 yuan

open a crock soup Wagang snack bar, in addition to master the necessary skills, but also need some capital investment. Take a store of 40 square meters of crock simmer soup snack, the initial investment is about 30 thousand yuan, for the following aspects: basically rent, rent a storefront in an area of 40 square meters near the residential area or the school where rent is generally 800-1000 yuan, down 4800 yuan in the first half of the year, the cost of rent to 6000 yuan; the decoration, decoration is not too luxurious, clean and concise.

Only need a simple decoration

store, paperback rounding 5000-8000 yuan; the facilities inside the store, mainly coal stove, cooker, disinfection cabinets, tables and chairs, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, about 15 thousand yuan; daily consumption, coal consumption per day is about 40 yuan, the input of raw materials every day about 500 yuan. The monthly utilities in about 1500; staff wages, approximately two or three employees. Please