China has always been a big agricultural country, many cities are relying on the progress of agriculture has achieved better development. In Dalian, the new rural industry vigorous development of new formats, the total number of key national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises reached 19, ranked the country’s second sub provincial city. A large number of agricultural leisure integrated projects, such as leisure villa, agricultural sightseeing garden, etc., have been built up, and 20 villages have been built.

this year, Dalian will promote the adjustment and optimization of agricultural structure, continue to cultivate new industries and new formats. Accelerate the construction of national modern agricultural demonstration zone, integration of land, industry and capital and other policy resources, improve and improve the 20 urban modern agricultural park, foster a number of rural industry development model.

bigger and stronger characteristics of the dominant industries, and earnestly grasp the food basket project to ensure the supply of vegetables. Vigorously implement the "reduction of grain increase, and Fuhua strong fruit vegetables, animal husbandry Fu Yu" project, to reduce the maize planting area of 200 thousand acres, the new agricultural facilities, dwarfing of high-quality fruits, economic crops and other 50 thousand acres of apple area. Steady development of broiler and cattle production. The new ocean ranch 100 thousand acres, 10 billion varieties of seedlings on the sea.

actively develop agricultural products processing industry, the implementation of agricultural products processing transformation and upgrading projects, improve the processing and storage capacity of agricultural products. Continue to focus on the construction of agricultural products processing area, improve the ability to promote the New District of Fort Fort district. The introduction of agricultural products processing projects, accelerate the cultivation of new industries, new formats characteristics of agricultural leading enterprises, the new municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises 20. The positive development of agricultural products to strengthen cross-border e-commerce, and "The Belt and Road along the country cooperation, continue to explore the international market of agricultural products.

agricultural development needs to combine electricity providers, their mutual integration, so that more people have entrepreneurial opportunities. Dalian City, Xie Tun Zhen received the first batch of national characteristics of the town to create professional title, agricultural tourism village 60, provincial and municipal agriculture (fishery) Kellogg star 331, annual tourists reached 15 million 650 thousand passengers. The rapid rise of e-commerce, to create information service station 500 village yinong.

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