is now a lot of people work, basically do a day monk hit the clock, in order to pay a small salary in the mixed days. But some people are not the case, do a good job, and ultimately by virtue of such a heart to make their own great cause. Li Dan, 26 years old, do not look at her age is not large, but now has a small supermarket and two alcohol monopoly chain store owner. 10 years ago, an accidental opportunity, Li Dan the first time out of his hometown of Hubei, Hubei Xishan Mountain, came to Ezhou.

just arrived in Ezhou, Li Dan was assigned to the home to do the building materials store cashier. Do not look at her at that time is young, but the hands and feet diligent, the most important thing is a heart. If there were no customers, she helped her colleagues to work together. When moving lifting up work, dirty work, she is also unambiguous. Another example, shopping malls in the management of building materials in particular, but each commodity as long as Li Dan’s hand, she immediately put the price of these goods down. Soon, she became the store’s other salesman "quote". In order to facilitate the sellers, Li Dan also specifically to find a piece of cardboard, homemade price list.

live in the past, the boss is doing, no one told her, but she knew to take the initiative to learn, to do. Her every move, was the boss in the eyes, and won the appreciation of the boss couple, so she began to take charge of business. The cashier out of the little world, Li Dangan Huan, purchase, sellers, commodity pricing, these are all down her life. It is this period of time, Li Dan is not only familiar with the flow of the various commodities, but also accumulated a day after the first entrepreneurial wealth — customer resources.

Li Dangan was in swing, surrounded by colleagues are very puzzled. In this regard, Li Dan see transparent, who can not work for a lifetime, and now do not do more to accumulate experience?" Perhaps it is because I want to understand this, Li Danwei, after the business has accumulated rich business knowledge.

2005 years, for Li Dan is of extraordinary significance. This year she resigned from the original work, the use of workers to accumulate funds and customer resources, in the city of Ezhou opened a tobacco shop, began his entrepreneurial path. The accumulation of knowledge and resource utilization during the work, Li Dan put the cigarette and liquor vendor business was booming of sound and colour. In 2008, he opened a supermarket and a chain of liquor and tobacco monopoly in the newly developed commercial area of Ezhou.

The young

we can work, can work for others, but it is not a lifetime can be done, not a permanent solution, so, in daily work, we also need to do it. In this way, with the idea of doing a good job during the work, Li Dan harvest a successful career, but also harvest their own happy life.