in the rich market of footwear, the use of canvas shoes frequency is very high, a lot of people are very fond of. Of course, in order to meet the needs of everyone, the current canvas shoes market also has a lot of brands. So below to give you a list of the top ten brands of canvas shoes, and some matching skills. We want to help.

canvas shoes ten brands list NO.1, [CONVERSE (Converse)] Converse was born in 1908. Since the inception of Converse adhere to the brand’s independent design, do not follow. Initially produced only "rubber shoes", but soon began to do tennis and basketball shoes. In 1917, All Star was born, today has been a classic! In 1921, basketball player Chuck Taylor joined the sales staff, he was a great success.

1923 has a sports talent and eloquence of the basketball star CHUCK TAYLOR signature became a famous trademark. In 1930 Converse decided to add the name of the Chuck Taylor to the shoe. In 1949, Converse launched the classic iconic black Taylor All Chuck, and quickly became the industry’s most popular basketball shoes, its design has not changed so far, Star. In the 70s of the last century, the Chuck Taylor by the popular rock musicians and young generation’s extremely sought after and loved until today.

canvas shoes ten big brand rankings, [NO.02] warrior warrior shoes was founded in 1927, now has 88 years of history. "Warrior" trademark registered in 1935, 1997 was identified as Shanghai famous trademarks; 1999 was recognized as A Well-Known Trademark in China. "Warrior" footwear calendar awarded national silver medal of quality and chemical industry ministry and the Shanghai Municipal Quality Award, for several consecutive years won the title of famous brand products in Shanghai and Shanghai export exemption certificate, and won the twenty-first session of the Spanish international quality award. Enterprises through the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification.

canvas shoes ten big brand ranking NO.03, the people of Zhejiang [] the company is Chinese (Ruian) shoes city meritorious enterprise, deputy director branch, Chinese rubber Rubber Industry Association vice president of the Ruian shoe industry association and the national standard drafting unit of rubber shoes. Ruian City Industrial Company ranked fifty, is a private joint-stock enterprise, founded in 1985, the existing factory covers an area of 35 thousand square meters, construction area of more than 60 thousand square meters, rubber production line 9, the main technical and economic indicators in the domestic footwear industry forefront. " human " trademark has been identified as China’s well-known trademarks, " human " cloth shoes were identified as Zhejiang famous brand products.