lighting market is huge, which bears the opportunity of natural lighting is very attractive, the investment need to understand the comprehensive and specific, today, the domestic lighting market are very active, many people are continuing to increase consumer demand for lighting products. With the economic reform, the development of fashion lighting market conditions are more favorable, fashion lighting market continues to develop rapidly.

two status: the overall Home Furnishing lighting. The whole Home Furnishing lighting is the lighting businesses provide consumers from the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and balcony to the library, the whole corridor lighting solutions, providing lighting design planning science and health, such fashion. Of course, in this regard, many domestic lighting brands have made it clear that.

three status: lighting chain monopoly. In recent years, the lighting franchise storm swept Chinese, Shili River Lighting City stores, Shenyang store opened in Wenzhou, marking the lighting industry by the group scattered toward integration; of course, lighting monopoly market and light nest, Bandung Yang meeting and Oriental Plaza lighting, etc.. The art lamp master lighting brand monopoly popular, marking the lighting industry market by the city to the two or three towns.

the domestic lighting market opportunities are good, investment needs only to choose the correct choice of lighting, good, can make money, fashion lighting industry development, super attractive, it introduces the situation of domestic fashion lighting market will be more standardized in the future.