in our life on a good day the brand name must not strange, because this is a lot of business name, this is the first China people Chun wish, now of course we did have a good life. Good day with the meaning of the barbecue should be a better day than the fire. Good day barbecue delicious, whether summer or spring autumn winter is a favorite food, good day barbecue with wide consumer market, if you want to start, a good day barbecue buffet is a new choice of investment you good. How to join a good day barbecue franchise


how to join a good day barbecue shop? What are the conditions? What projects can be given to investors to support? Specific look at the following:

good day barbecue join conditions:

1, willing to accept the headquarters of the training and management. Identification with company’s corporate culture and management model.

2, good health, no infectious diseases, love the food industry, can get family support.

3, a dedication, perseverance, can be a good day as their career to do.

4, honest, have a legal identity, good moral integrity and credit.

5, good social resources and interpersonal skills, good coordination and management skills. Have a certain sense of risk investment.

6, consciously maintain good day brand image, not by the good day brand effect damage the interests of consumers.

good day barbecue shop with the following support:

1, store location support

2, physical practice support

3, system training support

4, store design support

5, tracking supervisor support

6, technical research and development support

7, regional protection support

8, marketing planning support

9, advertising support

10, logistics and distribution support

good day barbecue join process:

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