yogurt is not only nutritious, but also very delicious, which has become a huge number of people are very fond of a drink, the relevant brands in the market is growing. Here, Xiaobian for everyone to list the ten brands of yogurt in 2016, so that people have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry.

yogurt is a kind of fresh milk with a certain proportion of sucrose, after high temperature sterilization, and then add a variety of pure lactic acid bacteria made of dairy products, taste sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition. Its nutritional value is higher than fresh milk and milk powder. Now Xiaobian to introduce ten brands of yogurt in 2016.

2016 yogurt ten brands Anmu Xi: 1, Yili Group launched the Greek yogurt products, with rich taste is famous at home, listed company, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Limited by Share Ltd.

2016 ten brands of yogurt, Mosley: Bright Dairy launched the high-end yogurt brands, no refrigeration / shelf life of up to 4 months of yogurt brand, Bright Dairy Limited by Share Ltd.

2016 ten brands of yogurt, pure Zhen: Mengniu Dairy Group’s high-end nutritional dairy brands, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Limited by Share Ltd ().

2016 ten major brands of yogurt in the year of, the beginning of the year in 1995, Hebei famous brand, Shijiazhuang Jun Bao Dairy Co., ltd..

2016 5, Yakult ten brands of yogurt: Guangdong Yakult and Hainan area called Yakult, founded in 1935 in Japan, the activity of lactic acid bacteria drinks large manufacturing company, Yakult (China) investment company limited.

2016 ten brands of yogurt in the top 6, crown benefit milk: domestic high-end yogurt leading brands, functional yogurt industry leader, Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy group.

2016 yogurt ten brand 7, Bright Dairy: began in 1949, engaged in milk / dairy / nutritional health food production, feeding cows and bulls / breeding / logistics and distribution of the listed company, Shanghai Bright Dairy Limited by Share Ltd.

2016 ten brands of yogurt, the holy animal: the first desert organic industry system, the use of organic raw milk produced by the organic liquid milk production of organic dairy company, Inner Mongolia,, animal husbandry and animal husbandry Co., Ltd. st..

2016 yogurt ten brands 9, biyou: France in 1987, Danone’s earlier production, beneficial intestinal health probiotic yogurt brand, Danone dairy sales (Shanghai) Co. ltd.. >