we are rushing to the success of the goal of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is not easy, but there is a shortcut to success. Maybe you also think, how to make money fast? Here are some good experience, want to start a business or entrepreneurial friends may wish to take a look at.

What is the business model of

[] is how to make money?

1.  who pay you money – customers;   2.  what benefits to the customer value;   3.  how to let the customer pay for marketing; 4.  how you will reach the customer value – channel;   5.  how do you do – main task;   6.& nbsp; what you lack of resources who can help you; 7 – partners;   8.  you have many ways to make money – 9 product line; you need to spend money to be made, the cost structure of

[the size of the order, everything depends on if the enterprise profit] give up big orders, small orders, very strange? Double child straw has a business principle called "small client principle". Straw is a small profit industry, while a strong customer has been constantly suppress the product profits, so that companies are busy all day long but unprofitable. So its chairman said: "regardless of the size of the order, everything depends on the profits," however, get a steady return. Entrepreneurs to accurately locate customers.

[startups most difficult three] 1,   the steady rhythm: what time? When should go up fast; 2,   sense of direction: when should this change? When should I insist? 3 , skinny: how to build a backbone team? Don’t give up, don’t give up.


easy to succeed [1] to solve the problem of reverse thinking; 2 consider empathy; 3 summary ability is stronger than the others; 4 ability to write simple documents;   5; information gathering capabilities; 6 to solve the problem.