still remember the inside of the water margin heroes are how to eat it? Big mouth to eat meat, the kind of passion for others. You can be so bold in the wooden barbecue

was founded in 2003, hut barbecue, currently in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other cities have 48 stores, is the largest number of outlets in the forefront of the city’s first tier brands barbecue industry. 2014, 600 million yuan worth of barbecue barbecue, becoming the industry’s most valuable brand. "We’re going to be a food expert, not a O2O expert." This is the book of the founder of the wooden barbecue. Sitting in the cabin in the mouth to drink, and has become a string line, can replace the hearts of customers brand image.

five in place, the achievement of 12 times a day turn table rate of

in the industry, not only the log cabin has an enviable team, also created many record stores such as a building area of 230 square meters, day 12.4 times, the highest single day turnover exceeded 80 thousand yuan, 24 days with 1 million yuan turnover! All this is how to do? Let us together learning


1. count in place – Business District assessment focused

a lot of domestic barbecue brands are regional, it is difficult like a wooden barbecue, like in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen first tier cities like a duck, which has a great relationship with the wooden grill accurate assessment of the district. Good business, come out; a good store, than out, steady quasi ruthless assessment analysis, in order to do a good job store operations.

in business conditions, we see there are several necessary conditions: barbecue hut in a comprehensive community within the district (from the traffic generation within 300 meters); business format to leisure and entertainment, with intensive (at least 15 of more than 200 square meters of shops near the main road (); more than 1 kilometers, two-way six lane). In this premise, but also to meet the requirements, the location of shops, shops around the shop shop technical requirements, business requirements and other conditions.

In addition to the

district itself, but also the need for values of competition analysis, including several positions, per capita, product, service, environment, marketing ability, management level and other factors, a comprehensive evaluation of the living conditions and the target store, then make a detailed plan.

2. put in place to enhance the priority option

wood barbecue has its own marketing formula:

burst (value) = (customer spending power > pricing < product value). So the first issue is to create the first product positioning, positioning the first problem is the customer positioning. The location of the house is