now there are a lot of entrepreneurial stories so that we can not believe that the following to see a real entrepreneurial story, 5 years of work, from scratch to the course of the struggle of 5 million.


I graduated from high school in

to dream, I once again chose to go to Guangdong to work, by a friend, I went to the South China Sea town of Jiujiang Honghui hardware factory, up welding tube support in the business, due to the strong labor and long-term hunger a meal full meal, at this time I had a sore throat, gastroenteritis, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases. Because there is no money to see a doctor, I am mistaken for low back pain is caused by gastrointestinal diseases. Due to the long time to sit and work more than ten hours a day of hard work, my back pain is very powerful, it can not stand the opportunity to take the opportunity to lie on the toilet for two or three minutes. But it’s not just the disease that strikes me, but the two year old girlfriend left me. The failure of entrepreneurship