as the name suggests, the former is the shop sell up and start empty-handed, the latter is taken over other shops. The two merits? Different scholars have different views, each have advantages and disadvantages, need to carefully evaluate the.

to compare from the opening, Pandian is certainly the most effort, such as license application, can eat a ready meal. The shop is different, must start from scratch, from the initial planning, personnel training, to store decoration, goods procurement, marketing…… every link to his master, his plan if the schedule control is appropriate, then, everything goes smoothly. For entrepreneurs, and ready to eat meals, not through their own efforts, because pregnancy in October, to enjoy the joy of birth. Sometimes, the process is more important than the result, because the process of entrepreneurship, is to sum up experiences and lessons, and constantly enhance their ability to process.

from the other aspects, the risk of Pandian. For example: old debt, taxation and financial problems, legal problems of the contract, the quality of the equipment…… all of these, it is sometimes difficult to clear, not careful, is caught in a trap. To sum up, open industry experts more consistent view is since the start, or stem from scratch.

store to rent or buy shops

in recent years due to shop more tight, many small commercial facilities are still under construction, so there has been bustling Qiuzu, rent phenomenon, sometimes inevitably dispute.

A look at the

two, and developers signed the "shop pre lease contract, lease contract", the name of the area, housing location equipment, lease term, amount of rent, payment, shall be enumerated;

three, "shops rent contract" signed, tenants and developers should be within 15 days to pre lease contracts and other related materials to the real estate trading center for pre lease contract registration;

four, the lessee must understand, developers only in the rent shop method >