once the venture, it is really on the road is full of risks, which requires investors to pay more attention to do more relevant work, so as to ensure a higher success rate of entrepreneurship. Here, Xiao Bian recommended entrepreneurs should remember 10 words. So, entrepreneurs should remember 10 words?

first word: clear. Not their own labor income do not want, do not give people a handle, so that their own hands in the hands of others to avoid the mouth to eat people short, take a short hand."

second words: positive. The so-called "crooked shadow is not afraid, only a dignified and imposing man, will make people live happy, live free. This is the first secret.

third words: cheap. Material desire is never satisfied, there are thousands of fertile land, a meal only eat three bowls. There are thousands of rooms, one night only sleep." Things have been tired.

fourth words: clean. Do not have the same idea, want to be someone else’s home, this is the embodiment of moral low. I am born to have a share, we have to survive. The greed of others, the survival of others will be affected, and corruption is the root of all evil.

fifth words: qin. A long time of lazy, will give your body to bring disaster, only continue to hone their own, some of the things to be away from their.

sixth words: frugal. One more thing, one more tired. Go, there will be no mood to cheer the menace from the rear, so thrifty is the integrity of the legislature of the world.

seventh words: section. What should have a degree of the problem, which one of the indulgence, may bring great damage to their own. Festival is the fundamental.

No. 8: about. Including some of their bad behavior habits, and some psychological deficiencies. Liu Bei exhorted his son that a philosophical discourse: "not good for small, small and whom not to be evil." To limit the urge to do their own words and deeds.

ninth words: true. It is the attitude of knowing things, and also the quality of a man of integrity. Only what can be pragmatic, there is no bad thing to do, moral character will not be a deviation.

Cross: honesty. Honesty is the way of life, the people of this. Even a person who does not have the sincerity to do things, then you will have a big problem in all aspects.

in fact, this is not just for the majority of entrepreneurs, in fact, this is a principle of our lives. Put together, these ten words are: honesty, thrift, sincere. These 10 words seem simple