many women simply do not dare to venture entrepreneurs, most of them lack the courage to act. But some women are so different, their entrepreneurial story is exciting. College girls buy Handmade puppets, open their own rich tour.

Speaking of

11 PM, is Liberation Road department store two floor of a temporary aisle stalls, the reporter found Zhou Junrong’s puppet jewelry store, although are not store, just a wall of shelves, but the pendulum is cute and naughty doll foot work glass frame, but also non people in the foot. It is the reporter one by one end of taste those inspirational works, Zhou Junrong held out a big bear week appeared in front of reporters.

crush foot made crafts, Zhou Junrong was not due to find the joy of childhood paper. Zhou Junrong told reporters, is under the four grade, a foot work system class, I move the feet out of the frog, the ship did not read the best of the class, the result of the death of the table. And after that, my foot work also often represent the class, the school is winning. In high school, her home in fragmentary cloth by a spell the first big doll cut sew, although some look ugly, but not that a move to let her under the foot work henceforthinfatuated puppets made.

female entrepreneurial story: the door made excited "at the foot of" business

2005, junior Zhou Junrong with his thought of "beautiful doll hen" fly to Beijing to attend the national foot process manufacturing contest, won the two prize of the old art show contest.

with Zhou Junrong’s puppet do products of fame, with her mother who had gone to the store money request specially customized, non day young women married couples, couples more than hot doll her hot feet, she also when the guest request is embroidered under the Muppet auspicious words and mouth under the name, in order to transfer love wishes. The automatic door customer orders, let the big week saw limited opportunities made puppets.

female entrepreneurial story: happy girl Muppets for life plus color