held an exhibition in the process, a good exhibition planning is a very important thing, at the same time in the planning process throughout the show, with some process to follow, let’s look at some of the basic exhibition planning process.

exhibition research is based on scientific method, a systematic and organized investigation, collection, record, collate and analyze market information, objective measurement and evaluation, found all kinds of facts, as all decisions. Researcher and copywriter should focus on members of the general investigation and analysis of the following information: market prospects (such as policy feasibility, market size and type), the advantages of similar fair competition ability, the exhibition and the needs of potential customers.

exhibition is a bond between buyers and sellers of the ideal, the development of human society history has never been what kind of marketing means can focus like this exhibition in a short period of time, manufacturers and buyers mainly in an industry. Here the "buyer" refers to the professional audience or middleman, "seller" refers to the exhibitors. The purpose of exhibitors generally have multiple exhibitors, exhibitors motivation mainly has: the display of new products or corporate image; understand the market, collect market information; product direct sales for agents, investment etc..


in the full grasp of the existing relevant information, based on market analysis and market positioning, the exhibition organizers, contractors must develop exhibition marketing plan. A copy of the exhibition marketing plan should include the status quo analysis, exhibition marketing enterprises (or specific conferences and exhibitions) SWOT analysis, marketing goals, marketing strategy and specific action plan, marketing budget and marketing plan execution and control.

in the exhibition also creative stage, the exhibition organizers should stand in the strategic height of integrated marketing communication on exhibition. In the planning of the exhibition communication, we must keep pace with the times and choose more effective three-dimensional communication strategy.