people want to put down the old business, enjoy a comfortable life, and for the tobacco industry has been active in the Master entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is the world without end, their business is to dig out.

"a true hero is always in trouble, can not imagine in the unbelievable point rise! Zhu Shijian because these oranges, make yourself not only become a down business legend, and became an inspirational hero an immortal!"

11 27, wearing a black rimmed glasses wearing a smile to the presence of the media as well as friends to recommend his named apple – Pan apple.

21 century network from the dealer was informed that although the 5 kilograms of "Chu orange network price reached 128 yuan, 3 kg of willow peach price of 168 yuan, 3 kilograms of Pan Apple prices reached 88 yuan, more than the price of similar products several times, but this does not affect the consumers on the pursuit of fruit. The Chu orange even in parts of the city to sell out of stock, dealers have limited sales.

mentioned cars, clothes, mobile phone and other consumer goods, all the human heart will emerge several well-known brands. But when it comes to the "soil fruit industry" and even the whole field of agricultural products, it is difficult to find or trying to think of a few brands must be limited to.

however, this situation has quietly changed.