in the sales season, as a result of more customers, shopkeepers are generally very motivated, naturally the image of the store will be very focused. However, in the downturn in sales, many shopkeepers will be lazy lazy. In fact, the sales downturn is also our retail customers do not pay attention to the image of the store period, as our operating businesses have deep feelings, whether it is the department store or supermarket goods, more complex is the biggest feature, if we neglect, it may be one of the biggest disadvantages is "chaos". As we all know, the terminal retail is basically based on daily necessities, you put those who eat, use, free throw in which corner, the customer to buy, a hand dust, you say people can buy it? Can not give you business worse?

so, the downturn in sales, you sell more to do clean, sanitary, agile, orderly, also is the image better, to win customers favor, achieve sales. Because in this period of time, businesses have more energy to do a good job in the management of the store, so you have to move as much as possible, not lazy. The more in the downturn, the more we should pay attention to the image, the more necessary to do the work of health.

take it for me. My retail store is in the middle of the mall. It’s a very competitive business. And my shop is small, only a dozen square meters. But whether you sign from outside the shop, the ground and the display of the signs, to the shop counters, shelves and goods, give a person a sense of comfort, fresh, clean. Pay attention to the image, not necessarily reflected in the shop, sometimes outside the shop also played a key role, some owners do not pay attention to this point, in order to save the store place, put some washbasin, pail, mop and other goods for sale in the shop to throw on the ground, not only to see people outside the shop disorderly mess, also blocked the sight of the customer, the appearance is not good, some customers in order to enter the store shopping, accidentally tripped.

I think that, if possible, put the goods in the shop or to advocate, but every piece of goods, scrap cardboard packaging, even if it is not, you have to put in order, the stacking stacking, packing the packing. At the same time, for the goods placed outside the shop, you should pay attention to, one is hanging goods can not be hung on the door, so as not to bring harm to the customer, but also block the customer’s line of sight. Second is to be placed neatly, can not affect their image and appearance, which is an important means to attract customers.

third is not placed in front of the aisle, which will block the pace of the customer. At the same time, in the off-season sales, as we must strengthen the retail business services, can not be negligent in this regard. We have many stores, in the sales downturn, in order to reduce the cost, will dismiss some of the sales staff, so that the store service cannot effectively, timeliness and convenience of the customers to buy the product cannot be effectively reflected, thus, can bring greater > to sales work