The development of

in recent years the Internet can be said to be rapid, in the life of every hour and moment have Internet presence, the Internet is creating a lot of employment channels for us today to tell you is a successful example, that is all car Li Jian, relying on the Internet to do his business more and more.

Internet development in China for 20 years, especially in the last two years, driven by the tide of the Internet, the emergence of a large number of Internet entrepreneurs. However, behind the seemingly lively, but filled with a variety of concepts and gimmicks, when the advent of the capital of winter, and then, such as the general bubble in a brief glare, have died.

some people will be attributed to the Internet thinking does not fly, and the Internet is equivalent to the concept and gimmicks. However, in fact, the development of the Internet today, has come from the Internet to the line, into all aspects of our lives. However, the relatively mature online, O2O is still a piece of wasteland.

pioneers are very easy to take advantage of the first to collect the fruit on the tree, which is the most labor-saving thing. Some later due to the time of late, to eat the fruit of the tree, but they are not willing to do the hard work of mining, can only rely on all kinds of lies and gimmicks to deceive people and investors behind.

however, the real entrepreneurs do not bother to do so, because the underground gold is their real pursuit. What is the gold of the Internet, is to save costs for everyone, bring value, and even create value!

and that’s what Li Jian and his men do. All cars only spent more than two years, has sold 200 thousand second-hand car, the monthly turnover broken 1 billion, this is a great achievement, but even so, there are 98% market share, this is a very promising market!

but Li Jian is not just about these. Li Jian said in an interview:

we do the Internet to engage in more than ten years, that has changed the world, we often have a lot of people think that changed the world, but he left the little Utopia, back to the real world, back to our home, go back to the countryside, there is no change with 20 years ago, a still lying, you still don’t hang on, l, you still can’t go to school, these industries have not because of the existence of the Internet have any change? No,

Internet in the eyes of some people is just a tool, a famous tool, a tool to gather money, few people are willing to do behind the public to see things, to do something to bring value to all people. And this is precisely the true nature of the Internet, remove all unnecessary links, cost savings, to achieve the value of each person.

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