matches have been playing a very important role in the history of mankind. Although more and more things can take the place of matches, the matches have survived from time to time. Today, the opportunity has also been the development of matches, making it a life!

with the traditional match role retreat, and that around the large and small match factory, they or converting, or closed, survival is life, on the scale of the current national traditional match enterprise has been less than 50, the annual sales of about 50 million yuan, a (1000 boxes) the average profit of 0.7 yuan each. Just a few boxes of money, the average profit margin of only 2.6%, compared to the high profitability of the modern enterprise, the traditional match industry is basically no profit or profit status.

and as the world’s number after the stamp collection, the traditional match (on the matchbox spark stickers) of this niche market to a great deal of inspiration for art match. And for the young people of the last century, 70-80 years of age, including childhood memories of the re packaging of the package, and even can be completely stripped away from the practical function, but only a collection. The concept of "send money" also makes this affordable product suitable for positioning in small gifts, in tourist attractions, comprehensive business areas and other places with a broad sales market.

matches could not be replaced, people do not want to match to be replaced, this is the most simple truth. But how to make a match to life, art matches is definitely one way to choose!