selected wire products quality, for our later life Home Furnishing will have great influence, because of this, we in the choice of household electrical products, will choose the more well-known brand. What are the wires? What brand is good? Which brand of wire is the best? Here, the small series will come to the inventory of those who are the best reputation, the most popular home appliances ten brands list.

wire ten household brands list NO.1, Far East (Far East wisdom energy limited wire and cable industry famous brand ten brand, China 500 companies, far east Holding Group subsidiary, the domestic sales volume of wire and cable industry, the number of employees up to maximum, the brand value and the highest market value of listed companies.)

wire ten household brand ranking NO.2, Baosheng (Baosheng Group in Baoying County of Jiangsu city of Yangzhou Province in 1985, is now the only cable industry of state-owned enterprises, but also the cable industry’s leading backbone enterprises, China 500 strong enterprises, key national high-tech enterprises, key enterprises in Jiangsu province.)

wire ten household brands list NO.3, Shenghua Cable (Shanghai Shenghua Cable (Group) Co. Ltd., cable ten brands, in 1987, Shanghai famous trademarks, 500 Chinese manufacturing, China 500 private enterprises, Chinese Appliance Industry Association vice chairman of wire and cable branch unit, one of the largest manufacturers Chinese wire and cable industry).

wire ten household brand ranking NO.4, Hengtong photoelectric (Jiangsu Hengtong cable Au Optronics Co, ten brands, fiber optic cable Chinese most influential brand, listed companies, one of the core enterprise, Hengtong Group Co Ltd professional R & D and production of fiber optic cable, light, various types of optical devices and optical access equipment of the national key high-tech enterprise).

wire ten household brand rankings, on NO.5 (Jiangsu on Cable Group Co., Ltd., wire and cable ten brands, began in 1967, Jiangsu famous brand products, China machinery industry’s most influential brand, Chinese electrical appliance industry’s most influential brand, the national Torch Plan key high tech enterprises, Chinese manufacturing 500 companies Science, industry and trade as one of the enterprise group at the provincial level).

wire ten household brand ranking NO.6, Taishan (TBEA Shandong Luneng Taishan Cable Co., Ltd., wire and cable ten brands, well-known national brands, high-end cable field Chinese largest super high voltage, high voltage XLPE and special cable, large section expanding wire and cable bus accessories research and development and export base. The national high-tech enterprises).