as an investment intention of entrepreneurs, are you really ready for it? For each white entrepreneurs, the successful premise has a difficult process beyond the ordinary people. We must take three steps to consolidate and develop their own entrepreneurial path. The first phase of

1, to learn to find their own love of the job hopping period and based on

2, practicing period by working to accumulate their experience of

3, a waiting period of waiting and looking for business opportunities, remember that business is not unfamiliar!

venture was the starting point, it is not only related to your business can profit, but also related to the success of your business, your business can develop.

1, planning for their own business has been a good plan to do a good job, pay attention to all their own pro!

2, according to their own plans to create their own business plan, the shorter the better, the less money!

3, the survival of the enterprise has been launched to maintain the survival is very important, think of ways to make the enterprise survive, only to survive and have the possibility of profit and development.

4, the struggle as soon as possible to earn their first bucket of gold, so that they can be relieved

1, a period of adjustment to ensure the victory key step in the struggle of the goal has been achieved, should consider new business ideas, expand or maintain the status quo?

2, consolidation period to strengthen the results of the adjustment phase, to prepare for the development! Then you should be a coach, not a player, so that each player is gradually in place! < >