as the saying goes, to open a shop to keep open, want to run a successful store is definitely not what the simple things, the need to proceed from many aspects, to open a Hot pot shop, two things must be arranged, a Hot pot shop is purchasing two Hot pot shop price. Hot pot restaurant procurement is a very important part of the food is good, fresh is not fresh, a direct impact on the consumer’s mood. Therefore, in the procurement, we must carefully select, do not spend a lot of money to buy a poor quality dishes. In addition, we have to do a good job pricing, where to set up shop, it is necessary to have what kind of pricing plan, which is complementary to the city’s economic development. Here are the details:

hot pot shop purchasing

There is a saying in the

line: "all over the place is money." The meaning of the sentence before, a Hot pot shop is open after pigwash, waste paper, bottles, the bottle can be made of money; after a mean, each link of a kitchen wave fee, wiping a little oil, purchasing "go a little way, it will lead to" look business well, the boss is not to earn money "phenomenon.

procurement is an important link in the food and beverage management usually, procurement staff generally served by relatives of the boss or trusted, but the house red micro magazine believes that the most important is the management system and methods, otherwise, long time no credible people will be a problem. In the early days of the opening, the procurement of the best Pro Pro Pro, the benefits of four – to understand a variety of products; to understand the situation of the various markets; find out the price; learn to identify the pros and cons of product quality.

in recent years due to rising prices of raw materials, as operators, to go to the market at any time to understand the market in order to find out the price changes, but also concerned about the production rate of raw materials. For example, the same price and weight of the mushroom, sometimes due to the different manufacturers and the quality is different, leading to the table the number of copies produced is different, and the same products in different Hot pot shop production rate will be different.

hot pot shop pricing

catering industry has already bid farewell to the era of profiteering, has become a meager profit industry. In recent years, in some first-tier cities, not only cost up to 3 Hot pot dishes, and raw materials also rose sharply, especially Hot pot bottom material raw material rises greatly, chilli prices doubled, dried pepper also rose 3, plus the edible oil prices, the original speculation a pot of Hot pot bottom material requires only 7, 8 yuan of money, and now the pot bottom material price has exceeded 10 yuan, but no Hot pot dare to risk losing sales to the price, gross profit is greatly decreased and the Hot pot enterprises; in recent years, with the rising prices, rent service employees wages and electric water the price increases, and further compression of the Hot pot enterprise profit space.

is not recommended in the case of popular hot pot Maori