present more and more investors to achieve a wealth of life through self employment, but even so, entrepreneurship has never been a simple matter, for the novice entrepreneurs, successful entrepreneurs want to shop, for the operation of the road. Only mastered the business skills, business can be a better success.

first, entrepreneurs must learn to.

people shop after the problem is nothing more than how open source and throttling, in order to create greater profits. Generally speaking, open source is trying to attract customers, but in the "rangwai at the same time, but also to its staff training, so as to avoid the rapid flow of talent and business; of course is throttling with a small amount of resources to create the maximum profit. Therefore, we remind the loyal customer is the source of profit, the owner should understand the types of customers, grasp the new and old customers, and at the same time how to fight for customers, to meet customers. In the mentality, the shop owner should be active, sincere, caring for customers, and establish friendship with them, the store can have charm. Want to make money, you must let the store sell goods and services to taste and charming collocation of promotional activities to be successful, the following shop law, let you win.

second, entrepreneurs should learn to maintain the store

shop before the start, the owner has to do a lot of planning for the store, to show the most attractive store decoration, but the shop, not to let down the one hand, should always maintain it, you can make the store always seize the customer’s line of sight.

third, entrepreneurs should learn to pursue the charm of goods

The general manager of

consulting company Xie Zhiming believes that now consumers love "vulgar, Taiwan, satisfaction" of the goods, unless it is otherwise the same brand of supporters, in addition to the commodity price, than nature, than who have multiple functions, good effect. Therefore, we believe that no matter who is the future of the world, there is one thing that can be determined – "more perfect service", that is, heavy "quality" and "quantity", coupled with the appropriate "spiritual services". Re commodity part, is the quality of both.

fourth, entrepreneurs should learn to improve the quality of service

entrepreneurial shop selling goods with the charm of the, and then improve the quality of service, that is, employees want to let the guests feel that everyone inside the shop are very friendly, home consumption is a kind of enjoyment.

entrepreneurship shop is the dream of many people, when you want to succeed in business when the boss, is not a simple thing, it is for the inexperienced novice entrepreneurs, if we can master the skills of the shop, it is undoubtedly a good compass, to ensure your Business Flourishes, bonanza, summarized above several key points of investors "