investment form of ten million, many of which are innovative investment model, SMS is the latest kind of investment, this low-cost investment model can really harvest good results? Or just jumped into the spam trap?

"80 yuan to send 4000 yuan / =0.02; 100 yuan to send 6000 yuan / =0.016; 100 yuan to send 6000 yuan / =0.016; 150 yuan to send 10000 yuan / =0.015; 150 yuan to send 10000 yuan / =0.015; 200 yuan to send 15000 yuan / 200 =0.013; 15000 yuan =0.013 yuan / bar……" See this ad, you are not tempted. Relatively easy to one hundred thousand newspapers and magazines and other media channels, by sending text messages to super cheap price will be able to send information to the target group on the phone.

some new investment gradually developed. Mail (mail) investment is a new investment model, it sends a message to the agent through the mass software, the cost is relatively low. However, due to people’s concerns about the virus and the system to prevent spam, this approach has gradually become a waste of investment".

enterprises in the collection and utilization of the database, for the maintenance of the database of the audience is very small. In fact, once the abuse of a database, the audience may be sent to send text messages similar to the exclusion of psychological, and even direct complaints operators.