crazy crazy play a summer vacation, for countless parents, very happy thing finally came, that is, children ushered in the fall of the school. However, the summer is coming to an end, school syndrome usher in a high incidence. In the face of the upcoming new semester next week, students and parents should face how to adjust the mood? The expert points out, want to let the children in a short period of time from the state of relaxed holiday life quickly reversed is not realistic, help children win their hearts and not the brakes, must be based on respect for the law of physical and mental development of children.


new curriculum new students new environment


has just moved to the early, high school freshmen, curriculum, students, environmental changes, may be part of the child caught off guard. From primary school to junior high school, the number of subjects and school management methods have essentially changed. From two or three courses to more than a dozen courses, from teachers, parents all arranged to emphasize the students’ self-management ability, requiring children to quickly adapt to the new identity, to complete the transition from play to learn.

into high school, curriculum difficulty and higher requirements, the need for children to the junior high school gradually formed learning methods to adjust to the best state, and strict implementation. However, there are still a lot of children still indulge in the early completion of a small rise, after the examination of relief, in the first play for a while to say, the state of the vent, do not worry to adapt to the new environment. To adapt to the new teaching mode is too bad or too slow, may cause the academic achievement in a period of time of decline, leading to the generation of weariness, and even affect the child’s self positioning.

college entrance examination pressure gradually increased

has just entered the early, high school freshmen, has been familiar with the campus for two years in the third year, third year graduating class students, after school is facing more pressure. Some students will consult the teacher learning plan, learning methods and learning attitude adjustment, which shows that the college entrance examination to bring them a sense of urgency, in fact, this is also a manifestation of psychological anxiety.

, however, most of the students do not take the initiative to communicate with teachers, they are not aware of their position, weak points of knowledge, bad learning habits, emotional problems. Especially in the face of test scores is not stable, they do not know how to deal with the relationship between the target and the learning plan, expectation and actual gap, self-control and proper supervision, which is a lot of students facing the problem.


sleep loss of appetite

usually some children before school, there will be insomnia, loss of appetite, this is due to