in the promotion of the time to have skills at all, can not blindly discount, give kickbacks such a discount, but to have a plan, a strategic. So, how to do sales promotion? The following small series brings three promotional skills, interested to look at it together!

first recruit, a cargo

new products are more attractive to the eye of customers, how to "new" continue to do it? Italy has a Blair market, new product is sold. And the market at first, after buying, no purchase. This "love" creative, let customers come here to buy Italy, do not hesitate. It’s really a new idea!

second strokes, hit 90 percent off

some people may think that hit ninety percent off, the business is not a big loss. This will have to skillfully use marketing strategies. Can make the first day to play ten percent off, second days to play the twenty percent off, the third day of the thirty percent off, so go on, the last day to play the strategy of ninety percent off. Customers can choose the free time during the discount sale, if you want to buy at the cheapest price, it is the last day to buy, but do not necessarily want to stay that day. Wait until half off, the time of the game, the guests have been like a flood of water, and so on to play the time of less than ninety percent off, the goods have been sold out of the. So businesses have money? "Hit 90 percent off" is a kind of psychological tactics only, how can businesses lose money?

third, dark deficit to earn

used to be a shrewd businessman, the price was 200 of the plaster, to sell $eighty, the business is very good, but with the increase in sales, the load is also increasing. But he made it. Because people who come to buy the plaster will almost always buy some other drugs. Reduce the price of a commodity, and promote other products, kill two birds with one stone.

in the promotion of this aspect, some shops do very well, so the profit is very stable. If you do not know how to do a shop promotion, presumably store revenue will be affected, so in the shop before doing business is the most need to learn marketing skills. Hope that the above three promotional techniques to help you.