sea lions in life, we can often see in the zoo, its simple shape, funny action, often made everybody laugh! This time, Xiamen airport port for the first time imported 4 German live sea lions. The following and small series to understand the specific details.

recently, carrying 4 German sea lions KL883 flight landed at Xiamen International Airport. Had to wait a long time for the Xiamen customs officers opened the "cool" channel, let these cute little guys went to the first time Nanchang new home. It is reported that in recent years, Xiamen Airport (600897, stock it) port for the first time imported live sea lions.

it is understood that these 4 sea lions for the kind of California sea lion, is just two years of age, a pair of small husband and wife, after entering Xiamen will be transported to Nanchang Wanda Ocean Park.

with the acceleration of globalization, in the process of development, countries continue to strengthen economic exchanges, but also for other aspects of cooperation more closely. In the future, human society will be a more harmonious development of the scene, the earth’s humanity will gradually enter a better life.

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