innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016 is still an important work, compared to 2015, but also to more and more provinces and counties to promote the comprehensive development of well-off society. In order to better carry out the work of employment and entrepreneurship in 2016, Jimsar County People’s Social Council on the basis of a comprehensive survey to determine the new year’s employment and entrepreneurship four priorities.

key to promote entrepreneurship and employment of College graduates. Strengthen the publicity of college graduates employment policy, policy advocacy Week activities, the implementation of college graduates employment subsidies, entrepreneurship subsidies and other policies. Actively carry out the employment of college graduates to work, strengthen the employment of unemployed college graduates and internship training docking to improve the employability of College students. Do a good job of college graduates do not leave the real name registration, dynamic management, to carry out targeted employment services.

key to build human resources supply and demand platform. On the basis of large-scale human resources recruitment meeting, held a special job fairs, organized by the Township rural labor transfer special recruitment, and effectively improve the effectiveness of human resources recruitment.



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