different time, the sale of cigarettes will be different, but some shops, even in the case of the industry in the off-season sales can still create a high performance, which naturally has its own business skills. In mid October, Liancheng branch launched a key for a week to pay attention to sales transaction visits, access to system data, customer manager noted that retail customers in old cigarette sales downturn, cigarette business of its stores not only greatly affected, and there is a large increase in cigarette sales volume.

in order to understand the secret of old business, customer manager group through field visits and in-depth exchanges with the luo. Luo Weiweidaolai told us his cigarette business "four", namely "earlier, better, to be real, to all".

is the first "early", is to take the initiative in operation, advance the availability of supply, the maximum to meet consumer demand. Luo said, in order to allow consumers to understand the sources said, in the strategy of quick step, real-time communication with the client manager, understand the tobacco companies supply strategy, especially in the days before the holiday to the main brands an ample supply of goods, to ensure the cigarette sales not out of stock, prevent the loss of customers.

followed by "better" is the shop facade is better, the terminal image should be good, through the improvement of store image, expand the cigarette display surface, with visual effects to stimulate consumption. Luo shop for more than ten years, is to sell the grocery store, which is relatively old and did not understand the decoration, the store business is not how, also sell a cigarette.

2014 in the support and encouragement of the tobacco companies, decided to store the whole renovation, made of tobacco benchmark store, then the business model has changed, to sell tobacco and alcohol based, supplemented by miscellaneous food. He said, the storefront changes, beautiful display of cigarettes, many customers come to see him on display after cigarette varieties so complete, image, scale, and there are a lot of high-grade cigarette, his shop more of a trust, there are sales, also earn money.

again is "real", is in the business, people really do, enthusiasm, operating in good faith as the foundation of this, insist on the implementation of the price. Luo said that his shop has been more than and 10 years since the customer itself shop "blatantly fake pay a 100". Speaking of the Luo told us a story, said: "there is a Gutian customers in my shop to buy a pack of wolves, he looked at me $21 that I sell expensive, behind his cigarette and put it in his pocket, the second day found some smoke. It is not the same, I shop to find back my theory.

I said to him: if false, fake a compensable back, we ask the tobacco companies Inspection Brigade inspector over identification, after identification is really really smoke, the smell of smoke has changed as Khan was >