life in the constant change, due to the advanced technology, intelligence has entered all aspects of life, to provide us with more convenient and fast. On the morning of 29, with "green manufacturing, made the future" as the theme of the 2016 Guangdong international robotics and Intelligent Equipment Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "Expo") at the opening of the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, the exhibition will continue until December 2nd, according to the specific details, here we take a look at the specific reports.

based on the first Tomohiro produced last year, this year, Dongguan will further enhance the Zhibo brand scale and degree of specialization, the new exhibition area of more than 10 thousand square meters, booth number increased to 5558, 371 more than last year, this year is expected to enter the number of visitors will reach 110 thousand passengers. Reporters at the scene learned that the Expo has attracted from the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden and a total of 1251 domestic equipment exhibitors, including the United States, Haas (HAAS), German Rhodes (RODERS), Austria Phil (WITTMANN BATTENFELD) Barton Vermeer and Fanuc (FANUC) and other international automation and intelligent equipment industry leading enterprises.

around the theme of the show, the organizing committee sets up a series of related professional activities during the exhibition will be held in Dongguan city 2016DITis IT integrated circuit industry summit and forum, Dongguan city industry and finance docking and preferential policies to promote special activities, 2016 National Undergraduate Industrial Design Contest cum 2016DiD Award International Industrial Design Competition awards ceremony, "intelligent manufacturing with the artisan spirit forum, China (Dongguan) green manufacturing and the development of circular economy forum, 2016 U.S. – Southern China (Dongguan) automation and Technology Innovation exchange, 2016 second high growth enterprises, promote the development of salon will share the experience of industry intensive Guangdong industrial robot technology and Application forum, 2016 National College of industrial design the total competition activities and division of Dongguan Design Week 9 theme activities.

also found that Dongguan will host manufacturing beauty exhibition and intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing results show the results show, Dongguan intensive development typical case shows, 2016 National Undergraduate industrial design contest and 2016DiD Award (Dongguan) International Industrial Design Competition outstanding works exhibition and 5 theme exhibition.

of the second Guangdong Expo opened, more intelligent products show, not only conducive to attracting more foreign enterprises, but also help to further improve the internal strength of brand. "This will be Guangdong Zhibo into the docking for technology communication, scientific research achievements of robotics and intelligent equipment industry, provides a very good platform, to further improve the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, promotion of intelligent manufacturing innovation recommended