government is one of the most important responsibilities in social life is to provide special public services in the field of entrepreneurship and employment, the government also provides a variety of employment, entrepreneurship and vocational training. In order to ensure the quality of training, Qingdao will be the first service staff training and assessment, in order to achieve the satisfaction of the masses.

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"training" activities mainly take the municipal district (city) training and training combined, teacher training and training combined with centralized training and self-study combined, training and examination way of combining. By the city’s human resources and social security departments unified organization, district (city) human resources and social security departments to send personnel to participate. Finally, by the city Department of social unity to take a random way to train the effect of random sampling, sampling rate of not less than 20%. On the training and examination scores less than 60 staff, by the district (city) is responsible for the organization of vocational training and re examination qualified before re appointment.

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